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Is butane a serious problem?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Magic_Man, May 28, 2009.

  1. Cause i know Butane is really really bad for you, and im thinking when you light a bowl or something; surely they're sucking butane in?
  2. It can be. I found it used to give me headaches. I say used to cause I went with one of the methods available to avoid the stuff
  3. You mean matches..?
  4. nah man. Beeline. You can check out the thread on it in the toking tools section. it's great stuff. Basically like a candle without the whole candle. Matches are an option but they taste like sulfur. Other Options are things like Hakkos and Glorods
  5. If you don't want to get a beeline, then you can just light a match, wait for a short time to let the sulphur burn out, and light with the wood, alternatively you can use cotton or a twig.
  6. If you are worried about butane, matches are not the way to go. Many matches have a slick thin coating of butane to keep the match burning.

    Lighters are not as heavy on butane as you may think, as long as you are not shooting it straight into your piece without the spark going off multiple times.

    As for alternate sources that are safer for you, I would reccomend Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick. You can order it online and it is the safest way to light up your bowls.
  7. Buy a magnifying glass to do solar hits.
    100% natural, and it's good for you too!
  8. Try making your own hemp wick if you cant find it, its pretty easy.
  9. Well, I think butane is bad but I think beeline, soldering rods and magnifying glasses are excessive (health-wise - they do improve the taste and some people gets more stoned of it); butane is probably unhealthier than smoke, but smoking a bowl is WAY more unhealthy than lighting it with a match.
  10. in reality it's just 3 carbon atoms hooked up to 8 hydrogen atoms by purely single bonds =D.

    haha but to answer your question, it's not the first thing i'd worry about. If you find yourself getting dizzy/light headed/ headaches/ or nausea from using butane lighters, try a different form of lighting it and see if those symptoms go away. thats my best advice.
  11. bee-line is great, but if your really considerate of your health than you should look into investing in a vaporizer. I have a Silver surfer and its awesome. Peace man. :smoking:
  12. When butane is burned, it just releases CO2 and H20. Nothing really to worry about. What you don't want to do though, is inhale butane that is not burning, so if you light the lighter away from your bud, and then bring the lighter in once it's lit, there really isn't anything to be concerned about.
  13. i may not be a rocket scientist or anything but aslong as your butane lighter flame is lit, all the butane is being burned off to keep it lit right?

    meaning none or very little is making it into the bong itself, unless your trying to smoke with an unlit lighter:smoking:
  14. I only use butane refillable lighters . Have for decades, with absolutely no problems what so ever.

    I'm guessing the trick is to not have it set @ flamethrower level, as one needs only to atomize the oils, not incinearte the entire bong.:hello:
  15. any combustion reaction gives off H20 and CO2 btw.
  16. Dunno man, was just lighting a bowl today; and the weed wasnt burning too well.

    Then after i got a headache and thought, ''Oh shit butane.''

  17. Correct.
  18. You shouldn't worry about butane really. The little you get from it won't harm you. Just try not to make all the butane go directly in the whole of your bowl and into your bong. Even though, I'm still not sure it would be dangerous enough to consider changing from a lighter to any other safer way.

    If you do want to make the change for any other way, you could use a magnifying glass in the day, a match (let the sulfur burn), or that bee-line people are talking about.

    I wouldn't worry if I was you,
  19. Incorrect. Not all combustion processes release CO2 and H2O. It depends on what's combusting.
    But butane is proabably one of the most clean burning gasses you can find. As long as its lit you shouldn't have a problem
  20. #20 CjX, May 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2009
    Yeah I'm sure if you breathe it in from the torch, it can be a problem. Don't see any others besides that.

    Tired of these threads asking health questions about whichever gas they use to light their weed.

    These are all commercial gases, they get sold on HUGE levels for commercial purposes DAILY. Any health facts aren't unknown, go to any butane distributor website, and they should have a section or FAQ about health questions regarding the gas.

    These gases aren't designed to hurt humans, their slogans aren't

    "Butane: It'll kill you, but who gives a shit"

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