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Is burnt oil dangerous to inhale?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lancejrjr, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. #1 Lancejrjr, Jan 24, 2014
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    Hi grasscitizens, so I found this brass "pipe-thingy" when I was looking for things for my homemade bong. I gave it a good clean and boiled in hot water to kill any germ. On top of it looks like a bowl too. So I immediately drilled a hole in a glass bottle. I blazed with it a few times. It holds the ashes well and it's easy to clean. 
    But after smoking it a few times, I realise there's a particular burning smell. I thought that it was copper but no this is a brass pipe. Then I realise inside the pipe, there's some lubricant oil for the screw part design.
    So, how do I get rid of the oil inside the pipe entirely? I tried boiling it with dishwasher water, no luck. 
    And is it okay to smoke burnt oil?
    Need answers immediately, guys. :D




  2. that looks like a fitting for a air compressor...or maybe for some kind of water usage...anyway, is it possible to completely take it apart? if you can, some iso, qtips, even a degreaser would help get that errl outta as to it being dangerous...well lets just get it clean shall we?
  3. Yes, it can be taken apart. That's why the middle screw is lubricated, I think. I tried brushing the inside with a toothbrush but it doesn't seem to come off entirely. What do you think will be a good degreaser?
  4. Iso soak scrub rinse n repeat will remove the oil and dirt, as far as safety thats not my area of expertise
  5. Ermm, what exactly is ISO? Is it some kinda cleaning product? 
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    That there is an old old commercial insecticide sprayer nozzle. You are fucked!
    Do you believe in Jesus? ISO is short for isopropyl alcohol. Rubbing alcohol.. You can use vodka or grain alcohol to clean it too. But seriously, it's an old bug sprayer nozzle. But it's brass, so you can clean it. Boiling it for about 15 minutes is good after you use alcohol to get the grease and chemicals off of it.
  7. Ahhh I see. I don't have ISO laying around. Just used my Vodka instead. Damn if that's insecticide sprayer I am dead. But I think its a garden hose sprayer. 
    Still the smell is there. Does brass (metal) give off odour when burnt?  
  8. definitely a garden hose sprayer haha doont worry about the insecticide sprayer buddy. but IMO i wouldn't even smoke out of it metals are not good for you unless you know its made for smoking but I don't even like to smoke out of those.
  9. pfffft google it yourself nobody here knows that shit
  10. i bought a little plumbing peice to smoke out of when i was like 15 but i found out it was super toxic so i didnt. i have a friend who smokes out of a tinfoil-plastic downstem made from a pencil thing to a plastic bottle chamber for water. i notice such a difference when it hits my lungs i wont even hit it if its properly good weed. hes been smoking out of it every day for years too.
    long term i dont know the health effects are probably very bad. ulcers i have heard. you are ingesting titanium oxide. what im saying is, its not gonna kill you.
    get glass kid
  11. Fuck man, make a pop can pipe.

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