Is bud used to make rosin as good or better than AVB's?

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  1. A lot of questions in this one, so it may be a long read
    Alright, so before I start to make rosin, me and a buddy want to know if you can get high off of both the rosin and the already pressed bud. How high do you get off the rosin and how much bud is needed to make a good amount? Also, we were wondering also, since THC has to be activated with heat, cant you just use the pressed bud to make an easy edible, such as brownies or peanut butter sandwiches? Also, if they both get you high, which one should we save up? The homemade rosin, or the pressed bud? Im taking all the help I can get, so please, send it all. Cheers!
  2. High off the rosin, aweh hell yes.
    High off the pressed bud too, yes, sort of. Both smoked, eaten, or turned to capsules.
    Can you use the chips right away to cook with? Sort of. They aren't as activated as people say they are. They sometimes contain up to 19% thc still, but only 5% of that is activated. Analytical 360 | Cannabis Analysis Laboratory for Medical Marijuana Patients So cook away, but it might be stronger with an additional decarb.
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  3. So, with the rosin chips, how long would you recommend for the extra decarb? Cooking with THC is pretty new to me, since Ive always had someone else do it, or I just buy it as an edible
  4. I personally would smoke the rosin make food from the squeezes bud :p I read the other day some one explained how to decarb BHO. I don't know with rosin since I think you heat it up to 350F when you squeeze. I am interested as well.
  5. Thats what I was thinking. Normally decarb takes a bit, but im wondering with this if im able to take about a little under an hour to complete the process in the oven or something
  6. O no that's pretty long. I just toss mine Ina turkey bag all ground up, put on a pan. Set oven 210f toss in right away don't wait to preheat. Leave in 20-30 minutes should be fine. That's the method I use at least. Throw in some soy lecithin in that batter(google that one ;)) and you are good to go. Hell you can eat the batter instead of baking if you wanted (caution may contain raw eggs, but people still eat cookie dough)

    I also make mine into an oil, like 1/3 oil or what ever box says to use.
  7. what im gonna do is take half the chips, make them into whatever i want to make them after i make the rosin. the other half will be properly thrown in the oven for a good decarb for 20 minutes at around 230 or so, then used or saved for baking for later. ill let you know sometime this week, seeing as how im dry rn
  8. Best of luck.

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