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Is bud density good or bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lk250f, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, are dense buds better than fluffy? I picked up a couple g's of some dank, dank dank, dank bud. I noticed one g looked short, but the buds were almost rock hard. Well not rock hard, but super dense, you would squeeze it and its so sticky that it would just form whatever shape you squeezed it in. My question. Does it matter if they're dense or not? Or does it have no effect on quality?
  2. It's all personal opinion, good green is good green man. I like fluffy buds because the counts are great, I usually get an oz for 120 of some decent, fluffy buds and it would really be almost 1 and 3/4 of an oz if it were a little more dense.

    Dense buds are deceiving however, I got some really dank nugs once that if you put a quarter sized piece into a grinder, it would fill the grinder and really fluff on it's own. Fluffy buds also tend to break apart in a bag in your pocket, whereas dense do not.
  3. denser buds are more typically indoor buds because the growing conditions are so perfect. so yea denser buds besides like bricked shit are usually pretty good.

    im not sure if this is true but different strains are probably denser than others two so really any bud could be good man
  4. dense buds are great if you're a grower..

    otherwise i donno.. density won't get you any higher or anything.
  5. ^Great pic man
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    Although temperatures within an indoor garden that are too high can also produce fluffy buds, there are so many variables to growing it's really too hard to make assumptions.

    Hey, as long as it's good smoke, right?
  7. haha hell yea man. im not a picky person when it comes to bud ill smoke swag if i have two.

    but luckily i dont :smoke:

    EDIT:haha i like ur sig man thats funny shit
  8. All the bud I have grown had been really fluffy. Gets me just as high or higher as dense bud that I have bought.
  9. Typically, I've found that Indica's are pretty dense and Sativa's are more fluffy.

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