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Is brown always bad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SweetDeaddy, Nov 6, 2014.

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    So, I picked up a gram of mid from an old friend for $7, although it didn't have a STRONG smell, you could still smell it. the only thing that bothered me was the looks of it.
    It looked BROWN as fuck,you could see SOME green but it was mostly brown.
    And when I got a good whiff of that stuff, it almost had a minty smell to it, Weird right,
    but before I bought it, we ended up smoking some of the same stuff and that shit got me HIGH AS FUCK, obviously we needed to smoke more of it, because mid is less potent than high grade, but that shit got me swinging!  :hippie:
    so what do you guys think, is brown ALWAYS BAD?

  2. I mean I wouldn't buy it if its brown but the only time I ever bought brown weed it was awful. Bought a half or a q and me and buddy smoked like five bowls and felt nothing at all.

    Was my first time buying more than a g too sucked. But a buddy of mine wound up buying a qp of it since he dealt haha

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  3. No, brown weed has its uses.

    Smoking just isn't one of them.
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    XD @TreeTrunkBuddha I thought the same but like I said, it felt like smoking regular mid grade, I got high with my friends after the first gram  :hello:
  5. Yes, brown frown is always very low quality weed. Because shwaggy brown bud is old and almost always bricked up for transportation, the little bit of THC it contained degrades into CBN, which is responsible for feelings of haziness, sluggishness, and grogginess (not the most enjoyable aspects of a high). That being said, since you're an apprentice smoker you have very little tolerance and will still get nice and high on low grade herb for a while. It causes a lot of us seasoned smokers a headache more than anything else, though.

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  6. I see where you're coming from and I get how brown is bad, but I have smoked High grade GSC before and I felt a similar high with the brown stank,
    of course since it was less potent, we needed to smoke around a gram of it to get the same high. and I did feel a headache after smoking it but nothing too extreme.
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    Well, like I said, because you don't have much of a tolerance it's going to get you nice and stoned for a while. A lot of the seasoned blades laugh about the novice mentality of "I'm getting blazed so that means it's good herb". You asked 'is brown always bad?', and the answer is absolutely, always. This isn't meant to be offensive by any means, but it's an unarguable fact that brown weed, which has a low THC content, high CBN to THC ratio, is bricked up (which destroys what little resin glands the bud might have had), and is old (and often moldy), is low quality. These are facts, not opinions that differ from person to person. It doesn't mean that you can't get high on bad weed when you're not a heavy toker, though. Happy smoking!

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