is bong with ice catcher smoother than joints

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  1. i have throat problems and difficulty talking after smoking, if i get a bong with ice catcher, will the hits be smoother and less harsh on throat than a joint
  2. Most definitely. Bongs tend to be smoother than joints in any case since the smoke is filtered through the water in the base.

    Stay lifted :D
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  3. Depending on your budget, a vaporizer would be even smoother. But yes, bongs are far smoother than joints.
  4. Vapes your best bet.

    If you are health catious, don't want to caught, don't like tar in your mouth and lungs...vape would be your calling.

    I'd vape too but I'd rather smoke cus I like it over being healthy. I would like to change ...still young....

    I just hate vaping it's a much different way of delivering the thc into you
  5. Yes, just pack small packs...A bong can definitely be smoother than a joint but if you take too big of a bong hit which can be easy to do with a fully packed bowl you can be in for a hell of a coughing fit
  6. Yes you don't realize how big of a rip you take so be careful

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