Is bong height relative to performance?

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  1. Hey Gc
    about to buy a new bong but was
    wondering does bong height make a difference as far as amount of smoke inhaled,lowered pressure in the bigger height,and smoothness of smoke. I'm between an 18 and 22 inch piece and can't decide. Are the bigger pieces a better smoke? Do they lower pressure and let you inhale more smoke? Im between a US tube bubble bottom (18in) and a rasta roor fairmaster ~22 in and I was wondering will I notice a difference between te 2 heights? Any additional comments about the bongs I listed themselves would also be appreciated thanks and happy toking :D
  2. As a general rule, don't get something taller then 18". There will be a good amount of drag, it'll be harder to store, clean, and maintain and it doesn't really make hits any smoother.
    US Tubes are way more durable then any other glass. Personally I'd get the UST.
  3. Size is just a matter of preference honestly. With a small tube you just have to milk it long or clear it a few times in one breath. In your case, I would go with the 18" US tube, imho RooRs are completely over rated. They make a solid tube for sure, but they aren't the best and are over priced for what they are.
  4. nah man 3 inches won't make a big difference, but you're gonna end up wishing you had a huge bong when you start getting good at milks. I'd personally get a 24 or 30 inch straight tube for my next bong, even though I already have a straight tube, beakers are tight but... idk fuck em.

    and a bigger bong will have more volume for smoke, watch out for ice catches though, some are huge indentations in the glass that can take away volume
  5. only difference is that taller bongs can hold more smoke.

    but are a bigger pain to clean.
  6. Id go with a piece no larger than 18 inches. Even though there is more volume in larger tubes a lot of times smoke will be stale, more drag ect. (ice pinches take up an unnoticable amount of volume IMO) With a smaller tube it will be easier to store and easier to get tasty bong hits as a beginer. Also 18 inches really isnt that small, the largest tube ive owned is 18 and the smallest being 12. I just want to say its aot of just preference, everyone has an ideal tube for them you just have to find it.

    Id say start with the 18 in UST, if u end up wanting a bigger tube the UST is always a good reliable backup and it wouldnt be hard to sell to a friend.

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