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Is Blowing smoke out of your nose bad for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by brwnskinredeyes, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Shit that made my eyes water haha. I would think that would hurt/burn but guess not for him.

  2. Of course not...herb is medicine man, let it flow..:smoke:
  3. i blow out my nose all the time and I think their was resin in my nose or maybe my snot was just black
  4. i dont blow smoke out of my nose because it clogs my nose most of the time.

  5. A man once told me that breathing it out through your nose gets you higher due to re-absorption purposes. Ive never had anyone with a degree tell me the same though. Then again, I never asked..so. :smoke:
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    When i toke a joint with my dad he always puffs on the joint then he enhales the access smoke from the joint to his nose, like hes smelling the joint or somthing. so one day i asked him "why do you do that" he said "It makes the smoke go right to the brain the source, Ive been doing that little trick since 1975" he says. Idk ive tryed it a few times it just burns my nose haha.:confused_2: Theres nothing like toking with your pops tho. :smoke:
  7. sounds nice too bad my pop is a raging alcoholic that hates weed
  8. It does. It burns the cilia off and repeatingly doing so (i mean years of doing so) will damage them to the point of never growing back. Then you will have no natural filtration.
  9. It is if you're smoking cigarettes. It can eat wholes in your nasal septum. Seen it happen to the friend of a friend's dad when I was younger. Pretty fuckin' gnarly.
  10. It's bad for your sinuses and nasal tissue.
  11. I sure hope not, otherwise I'd be fucked!

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