Is Bill Gates a saint?

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if he amassed so much money for the sole purpose of helping the most people possible.

    He becomes one of the richest men alive then he creates a foundation that convinces billionaires to give a large chunk of their fortunes helping people escape poverty globally.

    He gave 24 billion to the foundation himself and will give 95 percent of his fortune to the foundation when he dies.

    He says he believes in God. Was his current charity work the plan from the beginning?

    Is he a saint?
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    No, hes more of a great human being that also happens to have religious beliefs....

    He doesn't dedicate everything he does in the name of god, doesnt go around preaching the word of god (whatever that may be to him)...

    Think of the Billy Grahams and Mother Teresas, everything they did was in the name of god, they always spoke of god and preached to the masses, their work was god...

    Gates on the other hand doesn't do that, he also goes to a catholic church, so if thats the case then to be a saint in catholicism you have to preform 3 miracles after your death (as deemed by the Pope)
  3. does bill gates live in an apartment so he can donate more money?

    Or does he live extravagantly and donate only extra money?

  4. No because he can help way more people by amassing a greater fortune.

    Step one: Obtain 40 billion.

    Step two: Start charity eventually worth 18 billion.

    Step three: Increase fortune to over 100 billion.

    Step four: Give 24 billion to your own charity.

    Step five: Increase fortune to untold amount.

    Step six: Donate 95% of fortune to your own charity.

    If Bill Gates did things your way he would end up giving away 40 billion instead of potentially giving away over 100 billion.
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    He could still do that without living a luxurious life.

    Not that I have a problem with how he lives, but he probably wouldn't be considered a saint

    Edit: then again, we're talking about the Catholic Church...
  6. he might be a santo, mon
    and if the actions of his accountants and PR team have removed all doubt then you should probably ask to which God is he a saint for
  7. Yes I believe he is. I met him once through an squats nice of a friend. When I met him he looked at me very strangely, and said "do you have the flu?" No one else knew this besides for my dad. All of a sudden he went into a trance and quickly placed his hand on my chest. I saw a glow around him and he made a humming sound. He then said "be free one" and I was cured of the flu within the hour. I was like "holy shit"
  8. post of the year
  9. Bill gates is a evil lil bastard.

    Some of the videos I seen is just crazy, I watched one about him encourage the world to decrease its population by a crazy amount and how do you decrease population bet he funds a lot of bad stuff too.

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    What's wrong with decreasing the world population?
    The world doesn't need a growing population.
    You encourage birth control and increase the standard of living in poor countries and the population slowly declines meaning less pollution and more resources to go around.
  11. It's just bullshit they put into your mind this world is far from being overpopulated just some of these "elites" such as bill gates thinks a billion or more people should disappear by any way. Like I always say we can live without his stupid inventions Microsoft, Xbox and shit, he should start by offing himself instead of others. Idk if it's true but I heard a whole village of kids was killed due to vaccines he and his team was creating I gotta check it out tho not sure how real it is but it wouldn't surprise me.

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  12. No human being with hundreds of millions of dollars is a saint. Unless they are advocating for the end of poverty and a system of sustainability that doesn’t result in a few people having massive amounts of wealth at the expense of the many, they are a part of what’s wrong with society as a whole.

    People like gates, bezos, soros, buffett, they exemplify greed and the worst qualities of humanity imaginable. It’s unfortunate that every American looks up to people like that and models their hopes and ideas of what a good life is around their ways of life

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  13. Just think.
    There's humans out there that are eating lunch daily that cost more than my car.
    No reason there's starving people on this planet. Shame it's all about the money
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  14. There are humans out there wearing suit jackets that cost more than your house.


    And that wasn’t even the most expense suit ever sold

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  15. NO, Bill Gates is NOT a Saint.
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  16. Its more like, Bill 'Satan' Gates
  17. Look into his opinions on population control and vaccines
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  18. Bill Gates is being USED, he may be brilliant with computers but he is naive to the Fact that EVIL USES PEOPLE to do Evil Things without their knowledge. consent, or participation. He may mean well but his wealth is tainted with innocent blood, All under the Guise of " Doing God's Work".
    Pray for Him.
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  19. Like most all "leaders" he is a puppet with his puppet masters behind the curtain pulling the strings.
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