Is being two-faced really that bad?

Discussion in 'General' started by thccrystals, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. I dunno, maybe this shouldn't be considered being two-faced, you tell me.

    I tend to be neutral on a lot of subjects, I can see both sides of the story. So many times I will just take one side of an argument and.... uhm... argue it against someone who holds the opposite belief of what I am arguing.

    Many times when I was in High School my parents and my friends had opposing viewpoints on various topics. I would argue against my parents with the point of view of my friends. Then I would go out and argue(I've been saying argue, but I really just mean discuss) with my friends and say pretty much everything my parents were saying to me. The whole time I was just really remaining neutral, it's just so hard to argue a neutral point.

    Sometimes this happens on this forum too. I recently spent a good deal of energy and thought arguing for the pro-war side of the US's current situation. I'm not even pro war, lol.

    I think maybe that by arguing both sides of a topic I come to solidify my neutral beliefs even more, whether or not they slightly dip towards one side or not.

    Maybe I just need a better way to express both sides of a topic, maybe I should be a moderator of debates or something(this is not a suggestion to the forum, but to myself).

    So.... I dunno... any thoughts or ideas?
  2. i'm just like that - sometimes i think it's bad, but i realize that it's a good thing to have. It can fuck you up at times, but can also keep you leveled when things are going awry.
  3. wow, im the exact same way. Its not that im trying to be argumentative but i just try and make others realize the other side of things. I dont necessarily thing its a bad thing, but this is a biased opinion since im that way too :).
  4. There's a difference between being two-faced and arguing both sides of an argument. I argue both sides of an argument with different people and it helps me be informed and make decisions. I'll ask people, "What about this?" and see what they say and then tell them what I've been thinking about it. You can learn a lot like that.
  5. ^thats what i was gonna say^

    i agrue from both saides as well. But only because i let ppl beleive what they want and will try to give them other veiws on a subject, but only if its sparks up. and i wouldnt do it to somebody with deep rooted beleives in what there tlaking about, it just upsets ppl.

    but being two faced is more being with somebody talking about stuff pretending youl ike them, then bitching about them to other ppl.
  6. I see where everyones coming from in an arguement, but i still only argue for what i believe. One of the most important things in winning an arguement is knowing where the other person is coming from/what theyre gonna say so you have a counter for it :D

    I have an argument for anything and everything, heh.

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