Is beating your wife,,,a political statement,,

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  1. HOW CAN WE TAKE THIS RELIGION SERIOUSLY,,,,,how can we possibly change the mindset of these people,,,,



  2. Can't say much for the second video because parts of it are cropped out, for whatever reason.

    But I love (sarcasm) how in the first one, the main guy tries to compare women to animals.
  3. This is the type of wife-beater I'm familiar with!
    Not just the shirt but the guy, too - wih his belt ready to give out a whipping

  4. the way religion works is even if they didnt beat their wives , they would dislike them for a number of other reasons. Many people i know who are Christian refuse to believe that anyone of Islam will be in Heaven. Because they dont accept Jesus Christ as their savior and the son of god, they cant possibly go to heaven. Children/woman/men/ whomever. I think one think that is important when discussing "religion" is that every single one of them is man made, and at one point are very similar but are used and warped through time to give people a reason to kill or war. similar to a fatwa , or a mandate of heaven, pope ruling countries, etc... So many people in every religion through time have used their religion in a way that is to benefit them and not the people they are responsible for.....
  5. The two biggest obstacles to human progression is the existence of the State and Religion. If we destroyed those two institutions then we'd have nothing to fight about.

  6. what about money and pussy....people fight for that shit all the time.

  7. What about property as well?
  8. I was speaking more about war really.
  9. blaming all wars on two things is silly. Of course Land, money, and slaves (woman included) are reasons for war too. In fact, Science has killed /stopped/aborted more life then any religion. Science has created these weapons that can end all life on earth as well. My point being, in the end humans kill each other over all sorts of pointless and petty issues, such as religion , science, money, property, talking shit, etc....... people are fucked up in all walks of life.

  10. I agree...
    Blaming Islam for the problems in the Middle East is very simplistic...

    Its not religion that is causing the problems, but man and his greed...
  11. radical islam is terror, islam itself is a good religion. As are all religions. The very concept of a moral guidance system should be a good thing, a way to guide people to leading less sinful lives ya know? Of course people take shit way out of context and manipulate it to their advantage.

    I'll just say that, is molesting a child, a political statement? Meaning of course that all religions have some fucking d-bags who make everybody else look bad.
  12. I think the problem is that Islam, unlike Christianity, has yet to enjoy an enlightenment period, if you will. There are 57 countries in the world who have not yet figured out how to separate church (mosque, rather) and state. What ends up happening is rampant honor killings, genital mutilation, and suppression of individual freedoms on such a systematic level that it ends up being kind of a stretch to claim that a handful are making the rest look bad. Islam is a political dogma in these places. People who dissent are punished severely by the state apparatus, not by al-qaeda or other "fringe extremists".
  13. Actually Islam itself doesn't support beating women. It says nowhere in the Quran to beat women. It says men should be in charge and are more valuable then women. But Islam in no way supports beating women.
  14. Lol is that an apple logo on his shirt ?


  15. There are branches of all the major religions that have extremists who cling to ancient practices..

    Just look at this bigoted lunatic...


    Major rabbi says all we non-Jews are donkeys, created to serve Jews | Sabbah Report
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    LOL, smokinp is back at it with the Jews. Little does he know, one rabbi with absolutely no political power other than "spiritually advising" a meager 9% of Israel's electorate, does not equal 57 states that are self-declared officially Muslim. Even within that 9%, most think Ovadia is a loony.

    I guess to smokinp though, one bad jew equals tens of theocratic Muslim governments. Good math as usual buddy.

  17. What's you're problem dude? He was just giving an example of misguided people who use religion to gain supporters. I'm Muslim and I wasn't mad about this thread. Because it's true. A lot of Muslims today don't know what Islam is about.

    Just because he gave an example that had a racist Jewish rabbi doesn't give you a reason to fly off the handle on Smokinp.

    I guess to you an example of a racist Jew equals anti-semitism, right?:rolleyes:

    Just a bit of food for thought.
  18. I still stand by the fact that all religions, at the very core, as a moral guidance system, are a positive thing. I've been intrigued by Hindu and Buddhist philosophies as of late, along with some Pagan beliefs as well. Some new age mumbo-jumbo but it all ties in together

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