Is BC Bud Depot gone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by wolfeman420, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I tried to check my order status today, and no BC Budsonline. Anybody know wassup?
    Yes, I know I'm probably hosed. They had really good reviews on some posts, and with one exception they all said it was worth the wait and the shit service. But this sucks butt. Please help, if anyone knows, or can point towards good seeds with good service.
  2. i don't think they're gone just check back later today or tomorrow, the site just tends to go down every once in a while
  3. Wow I just checked and your right...the web site is down. That would seriously suck! Where can you get BOG's gear now? I have been wanting to try some Sourbubble so bad. Anyone have any info? Hopefully a computer crash or something minor.


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