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Is Baking/Eating Weed more safe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by manic, May 25, 2009.

  1. We all know that smoke can do different things to different kinds of people, like people who just cant handle having smoke in their lungs for whatever reason. How about eating it? Weed cookies/brownies, or anything else..

    Is eating it more safe health wise or does it have any negative side effects?
  2. eating it gives a more psychoactive effect, the trip lasts generally 4-6+ hours, ive heard it last all day, there is no harmful smoke, it takes about 30 mins to an hour to kick in, and supposedly does not come up positive on a DT, im not sure if that is entirely true, you need more bud in edibles than you do smoking.
  3. more safe than what? Smoking it, yes, yes it is.
  4. Yes, and is it 100% safe health wise?

  5. can anyone confirm if this is true
  6. i doubt its true.
  7. I doubt it, its still THC which is fat soluble.
  8. i checked, yahoo answers, wikianswers, all contradict eachother, i cant tell if its true but probably isnt,
  9. Eating pot-edibles IS better for you than smoking weed, but not by very much (because the overall danger of pot, even when smoked, is so low). However, edibles WILL still show up on a drug test, the THC is still absorbed into your system, which means it will show up on a DT.
  10. Weed shows on a drug test regardless of how it's ingested.
    As for negatives of eating it?
    None, unless you count being intoxicated a negative. But everyone seeking a high will be pleased.
  11. If you can't handle smoke, and you still want to use marijuana, vaporize.
  12. Eating is by far the safest way to use it. After that would be vaping.
  13. thanks, all good answers.
  14. defiantly would show up on a drug test! the THC still enters your blood stream and which gets filtered in your kidneys and dumped when you pee...

    eating gives you a more intense high that lasts longer and starts later (30min-1hour like spazx said) and it's healthier because you arent putting tar and other harmful compounds into your lungs...

    eat it!

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