Is attitude seed bank really not reliable anymore?

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  1. is attitude seed bank really not realiable anymore? And if so is nirvana reliable still?
  2. Attitude seems very reliable, the bad thing is customs is catching on. :smoke:
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    If I get the guaranteed shipping with them putting it in whatever I choose I don't really know yet, what are the chances of me getting the seeds nowadays. Have you ordered from them recently and how good are they about their send again guarantee if customs confiscates?
  4. I just got seeds, probably a month ago, i order some probably once a year, get a shirt always comes, goes thru Chicago too, on a side note, i got the Larry og, beastliest thing I've ever seen, can't wait tof lower it, I've had nothing but good experiences with the attitude
  5. Theyre good just customs is catching on. I personally recommend herbies but both companies are good
  6. I get mine every time. I have ordered 5 times in the last year. Last time was Xmas time. I aways get the shirt. Never tried nirvana so I can't speck of them. I think Attitude is one if the best sites at the moment. I have got a few bad seeds but I blame the breeder not Tude. They do offer more than shirt now too. Maybe get one of the other items.
  7. Customs got mine 2 months back, but I had guaranteed shipping, sent a email, they wanted A pic of the customs green tape and letter of confiscation, and they expressly sent more. Just make sure you get the guaranteed shipping with the seeds repacked, no metal tins, just shirts or cloth stuff, wallet, etc. It should make it

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    Yeah they are reliable...if you like your packages taken 50% of the time...and expensive seeds lol
    I don't know anyone that has ordered seeds from Attitude that hasn't gotten their package taken
  9. My recommendation and the only place I will buy seeds from is The Single Seed Centre...
    Both my packages arrived within a week of ordering them and I have never heard of them getting a package taken.
    In my opinion, and from what I've researched, they have the BEST selection of any site at the cheapest prices.
  10. @[member="TSoaDK"] thanks for the suggestion I found the seed company and the strain I wanted on the single seed centre and I think I'm going to order from them
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    Agreed. Just got an order the other day and the two freebies got crushed somewhere in shipping and within 24 hours of me receiving them they already had re shipped some. Awesome customer service IMO.

    I almost had to go to attitude cause of a bank issue and when I put the same selection of seeds from SSC in my cart over at attitude it was gonna be $30 more to get them to me. Attitude doesn't need to charge as much as they do on shipping, SSC has same selection and will replace seeds too without having to fork over extra cash to get them to guarantee anything. Everytime I hop onto their site I remember why I don't use them, they are more expensive and get seized a ton compared to other banks from the posts I've seen.

    OP in regards to Nirvana, I used them for my first grow and I got my seeds in about 10-12 days without any issues. They also had the seeds packed in nice plastic bubble container things so nothing could get damaged.
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    Ive ordered from attitude about ten times in the past two years, with the last order having been earlier this month. I havent had a single package get taken by customs, or not arrive at all. In fact all my orders made it to my mailbox in less than two weeks.
    wow, reliable as in I always got my seeds every time I ordered.
    wow, I don't know anyone that HASN'T received their seeds from an Attitude order.
    just because you don't know anyone or lie about it, doesn't make it a FACT...
  14. Don't forget Attitude had discount of 10% when you use promo code 420.
  15. It's more that their shipping costs are crazy. Pretty much every other seed bank will replace without you having to pay even more. Their seeds could be better priced IMO but it's the shipping that they are out of line with (SSC is $15 where as attitude it's I believe $15 flat than if you want guaranteed you have to pay $10-20 extra so they'll take the time to stealthy package some seeds, nirvana and SSC I know do this for no additional cost).
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  17. I've used Attitude three times now with no problems.  I did recomend them to a friend one time however and the "freebie" seeds that they were supposed to recieve with their order were completely crushed...  Nothing wrong with the seeds that they actually paid for though..
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    Single Seed Centre has 10% off all the time, and 20% off codes every Tuesday through their facebook page.

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