Is attitude a rip-off

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  1. This wasn't my first time ordering from attitude , I have ordered at least 10 times before this last order. But on the last order from there it was their birthday promo , so me and my girlfriend both placed an order. I ordered O.G. 18 from reserva privada, and she ordered sour diesel from reserva privada. And when we received the seeds on the front of the breeders pack where it usually says 6 pieces, someone blacked out 6 pieces with a marker and removed one of the seeds. I know all DNA and reserva privada seeds come in six packs, because I have ordered 8 of their strains. So that leads me to believe someone is tampering with seeds somewhere down the line.
  2. That has never happened with me in almost 2 dozen orders with them since 2009.
    Did you take pictures, and contact Attitude with the problem? I would try that first, and see what happens. Attitude is pretty good at correcting mistakes as long as you are polite and don't speak of germination.
  3. Perhaps, if you were shorted on the OG 18 they might have mistakenly used that pack for the promo and someone f'd up and shipped it. IDk never happend to me or others I know. Sounds like a mix up.

  4. did you email em yet?

    and, yeah toss us a pic of the pack. also include a pic go the vial .. the cap end to be more specific. ( if you could)
  5. I'll post a picture of the breeders packs and the vial later, not sure how to do it from my iPhone. And I did contact them with the order number and cart number, and of course no record of that order
  6. Attitude emailed me, and they are making it right with me. So they definitely are not a rip-off. I love that company.
  7. cool.

    they are usually on top of shit , and pretty willing to make it right, as long as you don't mention growing or germination.

    keep us posted .
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    I can't believe it.

    There's someone else that this has happened to.

    I've ordered from the Attitude several times in the past, with absolutely no problems. However, I ordered OG KUSH from the DNA genetics Reserva Privada line and what I got was a package with a vial that had SKUNK TRAIN blacked out under it and had a sticker that said OG KUSH.

    This is absolutely unacceptable, I have sent them two pictures and two emails and still have not gotten back an answer.

    It is frustrating when you constantly look for them restock these strains, especially the og which has been in and out of stock like crazy lately. Then pay over a 100$ for them for shipping and all that, and you get something as doubtful as this.

    I have sent them an email today after having contacted them in december, I will keep you guys posted for sure. I can't believe that someone else is experiencing this lack of customer service and lack of explanation.

    Straincollector if you can give me any hint as to what they have told you/done with your order let me know perhaps I can get compensation for mine as well.


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    you do realize DNA/RP could of run out of pre-made up OG Kush Packs and used the ones that "they have lots of" . I see that happen lots to other breeders.

    although truth be told... I would be thrilled to get 30 regs then 6 fems .. but that's just me
  10. Yeah, I have taken that into consideration. However, you could definitely argue that the contents have been switched afterwards.

    I'll take comfort in believing that though, I know that they are very popular breeders but still,
    they should make it unambiguous.

  11. hear that.
  12. RC. What I did was made a copy of my debit card statement , showing that I was charged for the order that they had no record of. And that cleared it up

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