Is Astral Projection real?

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  1. I have always loved the idea of Astral Projection.. Of being able to send your body out to experience the world, and everything in your wildest dreams. But I've never been able to believe in it. To me, if you're experiencing something, you're learning from it. Can you learn from an AP?

    I am going to attempt an experiment to conclude whether AP is solely something created by the brain and has no physical value, or if it is a legitimate activity that can produce results.

    I am going to try and learn parts of a new language through the use of AP. Things that I have not come across in my life. Expanding my knowledge through the use of AP.

    If anyone else has already attempted this, please let me know so that we may debunk AP, or else prove it exists. If it exists, how can we use it? Is it a tool to gain knowledge? Or is it just something fun to do in your spare time?
  2. Good luck, and I do believe it is real.
  3. Hm. Yeah I have been interested in this for a long time as well. I am interested in trying this myself. What materials are you using to learn?
  4. There will be no physical materials. The goal is to see if I can learn completely new information with only AP. If I have a choice in how I learn, if it follows the patterns of the physical world, I will use note cards because that's how I learn best.

  5. I meant materials used to learn AP like books, sites, etc.
  6. Even if you your experiment results in a failure, in your eyes or in the eyes of the believers, there will still be one tiny flaw in your method of debunking the existence of AP. And that is that you are biased, you want the experiment to fail and you're also inexperienced in the art of projecting astrally. Oh and the sample size is small ... wait that's for surveys ... wait is it? Anyway I'm interested in the results of this experiment and also the viscous ad hominem attacks that will ensue if any believers feel slighted.
  7. While you're APing can you still work the drive thru; or do I gotta sit all Lotusy and stuff?

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