Is Apathy a Valid Political Stance?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sam_Spade, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I disagree. The beast only gains when fed. If we simply do nothing, even not pay a single cent to the beast, the beast cannot grow. Therefore, doing nothing is the most effective way to stop the beast.
  2. I suppose what it really boils down to is just that I'm sort of bitter. How could I not be? A government should at least attempt to be fair and just, but from what I can see, people generally aren't interested in that. How can a government be elected to distribute fair and equal laws, by a people who aren't interested in equality or fairness? Part of me thinks that this system of governance we have is a perfect representation of the people who voted it into being.

    It was the same thing I thought when our government was raging to go crusading into Iraq after 9/11. People were frothing for revenge, and the government gave it to them, as it's designed to.

    How should we expect our officials decide what to do, when they're forced to choose between what's best for the people, and what the people want?
  3. if we all did a little it would be enough.

    if you vote for those who cause the problem you cant complain.

    depends what you feed the beast. True mass non co-operation would work, but mass non co-operation is doing something..
  4. At least 40% of potential voters in the United States can't be bothered. Is it realistic to assume that there needs to be a considerable effort to reverse this? How?
  5. I dont know how to change the cultural values from justin beiber to scientific achievement and freedom.

    Most people wont wake up even when society has collapsed.
  6. Damnit, cause I don't know either. :(
  7. Haha, well I myself am not actually politically apathetic, I was trying to advocate for those that are (think of the irony). It's a big issue facing many countries, but is rarely addressed.

    I thought it would also be worthwhile to see what others have to say on the subject, and if they're aware at all.
  8. that means that old people are going to vote weed illegal and you arent going to stop them cause old people are like 60% and your in the 30% that dont even vote anyway?
  9. its a big problem

    the 2 biggeste problems with our american democracy is that we dont have public education and our citizens dont vote.

    this leaves the electorate ignorrant and confused about reality
  10. Atheism is a valid religious stance and I don't see this as much different, so I'd say yes.
  11. Do you think apathy could be a primary facotr in the cause of so many current issues?

    Do you think the debt crisis has can be linked to apathy? How about the two-party system? Extreme national military expenditures and jingoist attitudes? Massive personal debts and a culture of consumption?
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    Perhaps Sam, but I always thought it had to do with governmental corruption, lack of term limits in congress leading to "career" politicians who are more concerned with getting re-elected than doing their job, etc.

    As for extreme spending/massive personal debt/culture of consumption, I believe a lot of that has to do with lack of family structure/positive interaction/reinforcement, greed/selfishness (which has become a cultural norm in the U.S.), and the invasion of technology and advertisement companies into our homes.

    How many people do you know that read daily for entertainment or to expand their knowledge and come to conclusions based on thought and critical analysis of information rather than propaganda and hearsay? And I'm not talking about the people you surround yourself with, just the average joes and janes you meet or live next door to or occasionally say hi to. I've also noticed that it seems NOBODY wants to do their jobs anymore either. Laziness and apathy go hand in hand I guess.

    Edit: I also find it interesting that everything that is good for you is called an "alternative" and everyone who disagrees with the govt.'s interpretation of information is called a terrorist or considered anti-american. When did agreeing with one's govt. become the norm? Isn't that idealism the exact opposite of the intention of the founding fathers and the opposite belief of what America was founded on?
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    I used to vote, then they used computers to rig it, so I stopped.

    For me, I avoid politics so I can focus my energy on other things which will bring more enjoyment or benefit to my life. I realize the thinking when people say my not being involved can negatively affect my life, but I am in the group that believes the political game wont allow the change that is necessary, so getting wrapped up in politics is not worth my time.

    I think that's an awesome question, and strongly believe there is none, or at least very minimial connection. I would say the average citizen did not want to get to the point we are, no matter how politically involved they may or may not be. We are here because of a minority of people who make their decision based on money or power, who disregard what the public wants or needs.

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