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  1. Okay so I bought the amazing solopipe. Just letting everyone know that this is the most amazing piece ever. It smokes great, lights easy, and hits like motha fucking champ. Unfortunately this morning around 8 I packed an amazing bowl of some new purp i got the day before and when I left my apartment some fucking how my pipe jumped out of my pocket and fell straight into the damn street gutters. Talk about a pissed off stoner lol. This is my first post to this community also, I have been reading this forum since i was like 16 so i know you guys can help me out. I know i love the solopipe but do any of you know of a cool/better/sexy/amazing pipe than this? if you do plz tell me and also where to get it, i live in dallas so finding smoke shops is no problem:)
  2. fail? im trying to find a better piece and also recommending an amazing piece, how do i fail?
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    Okay; well I wasn't trying to be a dick. Just saying; some pics would be helpful.

    If you're looking for a intensely satisfying smoking experience, go with a bong (roor, illedelph are some of the more expensive nicer brands with perc's, ashcatchers, etc.)

    Or a bubbler; A kind of mini version of a bong with many different variations on size etc.

    Or a vaporizer.
    (vaporizing changes the whole experience as where you don't inhale smoke, but rather vapor; it's alot healthier and eliminates many of the carcinogens that you inhale when you're smoking bud)
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    own a roor with an ice catcher and just a new ash catcher to go along with it *amazing*. sorry to be hostile man, just lost my piece this morning sorry and didn't have to time to round up another bowl :) my bad

    Im looking for great to piece to drive in this dallas traffic which solopipe made it easy

    its a pipe with a lighter connected just letting yall know
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    No stress man; I'd love to see pics of your roor!

    Also; glasscollector, you should delete the link in your post. Just PM it to him.
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  7. Not quite as sexy, but the 7Pipe (slated to release in February) is more bud conventional, with a removable glass bowl, carb, etc.

    Will be interviewing the owner at the site in my sig in a few days.
  8. welcome to the city bro! im sorry to hear about your pipe but now you have an excuse to get a new toy, right?

    Maybe you should make an investment in glass. But if you are looking for something different then check out the handheld vapo's. Not sure how well they work but its a neat idea.

    and i dont know what hutchie's problem is but dont listen to him
  9. solopipe seems perfect for driving.. i can't think of anything else that uses just one hand that's not rolled.

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