Is anyone else watching the NFL Europe?

Discussion in 'General' started by antarchy, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. I got to say it's so much better than the arena football crap. Go Admirals!! Is anyone on here in <st1:place w:st="on">Europe</st1:place>? How popular is NFL Europe over there across the pond as the Brits say.
  2. ive never really watched NFL Europe, ive only watched regular NFL.. is it as exciting? GO RAVENS!!
  3. It’s not the NFL but it’s real football with real players from the NFL guys who have been on the bench etc. It’s a football fix. Go Cowboys!!!!
  4. And yeah it's exciting.
  5. Check out NFL network if you get it saturday and sunday.
  6. cool, i'll have to check up on that
  7. I think I’ve seen a few ravens that are getting some playing time. I just wish they would divide up the teams by conference so all cowboys are on one particular team so they can get accustomed to playing together. But in the lack of that I root for Amsterdam! They are the returning champions even though only 5 players are returning from last year.
  8. only 5 players are returning?!? how does that work out? did you by chance see what team the ravens players where playing on
  9. It’s not one team they are spread out to many different teams. But there are only 6 teams in the league. NFL Europe is almost like minor league baseball. Kids like third string QBs and practice squad people get a chance to get some game experience before training camp starts so that they haven’t been out of football for years. There are also some foreign players. Amsterdam has a WR that’s from japan the QB is this guy Gibral Hamden from Kuwait originally but he moved to America after sadam invaded them. I just got done watching Amsterdam’s game and it was some really good football! Gibral was throwing some sweet passes and they got the job done big time. 38 19. They went for it on fourth and 3 when they had a 18 point lead which well you know a little nuts but they got it and expanded the league. It’s a lot of strange pays etc. But Kurt Warner and Jake Delohome both came out of NFL Europe plus many other big time players. I wish they would put all the nfc east and west on one team and etc. for the other conferences they should but for some reason they don’t. The players don’t return because they either make a NFL team or they get cut in training camp mostly. This is like the 10th year of NFL Europe. I wan't to know if football is catching on in Europe.

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