Is anyone else tired of this vampire phase?

Discussion in 'General' started by DV, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I can tell you know.....
    I really hate all this True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries crap.

    I'm so sick of running into this shit everywhere.
    It's so ridiculous....
    I could rant forever...but I'm not going to type that out.

    Anyone feel the same way?
    I can't be the only one.
  2. its a real vampire conspiracy to soften up the human mortals to vampire exsistence..


    but yea i feel you on that, but ive always had a liking to vampire mythology before the whole bandwagon prebubecent vampire fangirls..

    you want to be with a man that wants to drink your blood, and when you guys fuck your pussy gets bruised?? crazy ass kinky girls
  3. Give it a year. First it was a Ninja phase, then a Pirate phase, then a Wizard phase, now it's Vampires.

    I'm rallying for a T-Rex phase soon.
  4. Reminds me of that South Park episode.
  5. Yeah, Im pretty fuckin' sick of it. Not in a pissed way though, like.. Y'know, whatever, fuckin' crazy populace. Just tired of it, is all.
  6. Check the tags.
  7. Vampire movies have always been around and aren't going anywhere.
  8. I'm more tired of the principle of fads and phases than any specific one though.
  9. One of my younger acquaintances tried to convince me that he was a vampire :rolleyes: I played along for the moment, kid is way out of line. Never seen him again, oh yeah, and he said he watches and loves twilight. Typical.
  10. eh never been really interested myself, but a suggestion from Kramer and my brother got me watching that True Blood show. I cant knock the shit, cause its pretty damn good. As for Twilight and the other shit that was mentioned, Ill take a big pass on that, Im not interested at all.
  11. I thought vampirez were alwayz popular
  12. We had to do an intro speech for my speech class.

    A grown ass college girl talked about twilight for alot of her speech, with a picture from the movie as her powerpoint presentation.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had to stifle my giggles :eek:
  13. I'm tired of these fads ruining things i love..

  14. Hey now there's nothing wrong with True Blood.

    But fuck Twilight and all that other gay sissy vampire crap. At least True Blood has constant fucking, which is something we can all enjoy.
  15. haha..I'm so thankful I miss some shit.

    Those freaks aren't really around here..

    I've heard of twilight but havn't had any of that crap yall have.
  16. Saying something sucks because it's vampire related is just as bad as saying it's awesome. Most people I come across that hate True Blood have never even seen an episode.

    True Blood is a great show like most shows that come from HBO.
  17. Tru blood is a great show!
  18. I am kinda sick of seeing everything be about vamps lately, or so it seems.

    But.. this may make me kinda weird, but I think fangs on a hot vampire chick is pretty hot. I think i'd totally do a vampire.

    What's sara michelle gellar doin these days? lets get her fine ass back to business and take care of this vampire shit.. Then we'd have some hot vampire chicks takin on buffy.. It's a win-win


    Just sayin :smoke:
  19. I don't mind the whole Vampire fad, what i can't stand is the butchery of vampires in the Twilight series. I mean for fucks sake, these "vampires" SPARKLE WHEN THEY GO OUT IN SUNLIGHT!!??! The vamps i grew up with turned to dust when they went out in sunlight.

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