Is anyone else the minority language speaker in a friends group?

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  1. I met a bunch of Dominican's who are really chill people and we've been drinking together and stuff, but usually at my place with my friends who are all White and Speak English. 

    I am trying to chill with him in his element, and while everyone is really chill and cool and nice, they all tend to speak Spanish to each other around me. 

    yo no comprende, lo siento. 

    I don't really mind, cause when they are talking to me they use English, but I don't know how I should feel in the whole situation. 

    It doesn't bother me that much at all, it's just a new experience for me. 

    Anyone else have a similar story?

  2. As long as you're not feeling totally shut out, embrace it. Not only are you expanding your circle, but you'll pick up some language skills.
    I'd call myself the minority in my group. I speak proper English, while they jabber on in unintelligible Australian. :laughing:
  3. I mean, they talk to each other in Spanish strictly basically. It makes me feel a little left out, but I understand them wanting to talk to one another in their native tongue. 
  4. I feel you on that one, all of my friends either speak strictly Spanish or Russian and only speak English around me haha. It's pretty cool really, I've learned a couple sentences and I think the languages are interesting.
  5. It is cool and very good for my culture, so that is why I put up with it. But, it makes me a little...I don't want to say awkward, but I def. feel like the odd man out.  :confused_2:
  6. I am in this situation but not with friends.
    A bunch of my co-workers are Filipino and they talk a lot in their language. 
    At times I feel kinda left out, but, I try not to make a big deal out of it. 
    On the plus side of that though is they have taught me a few words and such. 
  7. Not my main circle but one of my boys is from Jamaica and when I smoke with him his and his boys speak jamaican or some shit.

    But it's chill there. They keep the joints and bongs going Haha

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  8. I love me some Dominican friends. If I were you I would do my best to learn some spanish from your friends. It could benefit you greatly in your relationship and also improve your employment opportunities! I see it as a win win.

    I don't think they are judging you though. I live in the northeast where we have been getting tons of snow my whole neighborhood is pretty much Dominican and we have all been helping each other get unstuck and get out of parking space etc. snow sucks but its nice to see some neighborly behavior for once.
  9. If you feel that you're being left out of the conversation, make your own conversation. Don't wait for them to talk to you, talk to them.
  10. in hs yepp, i was only 1 of approx 5 people in my whole class that spoke spanish fluently, and didnt give a fuck about whether the gringoez looked at my weirdeyed. so my friends around me knew what was up when it came to the spanish, i had em all the time. mira que tiene cosa!!
  11. I really need some friends who speak français!
    I have been studying the language for years but nobody around here speaks it. I would love to actually use my French with some native speakers (although I can hardly understand Cajun French, that is like the super redneck dialect).
    Anyways OP use this opportunity to learn some Spanish!! It can't hurt any, and you will have the opportunity to travel to new places and not have to feel like a total tourist because you can't communicate with the locals. Even if you only learn basic conversational Spanish, it will still open up new worlds for you.
  12. I speak Acadian french, which is somewhat Cajun, since the Cajuns used to live here in Atlantic Canada, but a large part of us got deported to other American colonies, such as Louisiana during the 1755 deportation.
  13. I would like to study Acadian and Cajun French at some point, but the dialect is really hard to get used to since I have mainly studied Parisian French. I still have trouble understanding the Quebec dialect so It might be a while until I can understand Cajun haha.
  14. I played soccer from kindergarten-12th grade and, being in texas, 20 mins east of Austin, I was pretty much constantly surrounded by kids who were mostly born in Mexico and immigrated here. A lot of non citizens. Everyone spoke Spanish all the time and me being white as fuck I just had to ask someone to translate every time they said something and now I know enough to get what they're saying. You'll learn eventually
  15. They don't speak typical Spanish, they speak a very slang-ed up form of Dominican spanish. And they all speak real fast.

    I have a basic understanding of the Spanish language.

    Perdon mis amigos pero yo no comprende su idioma. Ingles por favor? Lo siento mis hermanos.

  16. inb4 you get stabbed for one dollar
  17. I hadn't noticed your reply...  :smoking:  It is, it's like a mixture of French, English, and some random ass words, haha. 
    BTW dude, BONGZILLA  is fucking awesome!
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    I find it weird when there are forigen students speaking Chinese around me about something interesting. I am not Chinese, so I'm not supposed to understand them, so I feel like I can't enter the conversation like I could if they were speaking English. So I just end up eavesdropping and feeling like a creep.

    And my boyfriend often speaks Bangali to his family and friends back home. I know less than nothing about the language, but its so strange to hear his voice like that.

    When my ex girlfriend spoke Chinese, her voice was totally different, same with my friends who speak Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or German. My boyfriend's voice sounds exactly the same--though he speaks English perfectly with an American northeast accent and Bangali is his native language.

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