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Is Anyone Else Saving Kief?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by EastCoastToke, May 19, 2010.

  1. I am probably the only one here who does this, however. I have a OCD type thing for certain things I really like and my OCD with smoking ganja is that I have to save my kief from everything I've smoked and so on. I'm not talking about pressing the weed and grinding the bud so fine it falls through the screen. I'm talking strictly what falls through the screen from the normal grind process.

    Is anyone else like this. I just started smoking and am working on my 3rd month and for the first two months I only smoked 1 day a week, and I am now up to one bowl a day. I'm not collecting a lot of kief but once summer comes I plan on it piling up quick.

    I am unable to take pictures now but will take some for the thread tomorrow - hopefully others post their stashed Kief collection if anyone even saves it like I do!
  2. kief is great. but i aint saving anynow
    when i used a coffee grinder i would gets tons of kief

    buy a coffee grinder man.

    its grinds it up really fast, and well!
    no effort

    and the kief builds up in a day or two.

    you jusst take off the lid part of the grinder. smash it on a hard surface(table) and all the kief comes down.
  3. I just started saving mine up and have it in a tin can. I've had it in my grinder but never really moved it till today. Hopefully after a while itll add up.
  4. I bought a sick silver jar for it. It looks like my grinder does but a little bigger and the top is the only piece that disconnects.
  5. I'm the same way I bought a grinder and some extra large joint wraps on 4/20 and it may not look like there's a lot of kief but if you scrape it into a pile you'll probably get more than you expect. Then again I was smokin a joint a day average when I had those wraps, if not more lol.
  6. heres some keif from a few days ago..
    I believe its from about a gram of snowcap.
  7. I got like a bucket full ;)
  8. Pics or it didn't happen. :D
  9. I just smoked all my kief, so I'm saving up again. Shouldn't take too long. Haha.
  10. ..................

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  11. i have about 3/4 if an rx bottle filled with kief right now i think its about 7 gs or so ill try to take pics when i get home from work later
  12. Lots of tokers collect Kief, nothing new.
  13. hahah, if you have a grinder that collects kief, your doing one of 2 things, smoking as it collects or saving it.... making into hash counts as saving.
  14. im going to start collecting kief when i get a grinder. ive been lagging on buying one
  15. #16 EastCoastToke, May 20, 2010
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    Thanks, post your stash and participate.
  16. i love keif until about 3 days ago i had lost my grinder for nearly a month, come to find out i have 2.5g of keef in that pic where the quarter is inside the grinder base

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  17. I am going to take a pic today of my kief but I have a shitty camera phone.. I'll post them tonight. Keep them coming! I want to see MOAR though :)
  18. Mine Kif stash is on GC somewhere.... oh well i'll post it up again :cool:

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  19. is what i was fuckin with about month ago

    heres what it looks like right now about a week and a half after i cleaned it out to make QWISO.

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