Is anyone else on cloud 9?

Discussion in 'General' started by xcraighebert, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. So I'm seeing my ex for the first time in over a year. The last time I saw her she chose to
    end the relationship after 3 years because I was taking Methamphetamine and Addy's.When
    I was taking addys, I was always starting pointless fights, being abusive, and basically treating
    her like crap. I cleaned my shit up though, have been off of them both for months, got a job
    and am getting ready for college soon. She saw the change and I'm seeing her Sunday and I
    can't even explain all the emotions im feeling right now. I really do love this girl with all of my
    heart and shes been telling me she wants us to be together again.I'm basically in heaven right
    now because shes beautiful, smart and everything I want in a partner.
    I'll post a pic of her if I can find one.

    Is anyone else having something amazing happen in there life right now?
  2. naa man same old, grats for you :smoke:
  3. I might possibly have a love interest. Maybe. It's weird to feel this fluttery feeling again. Only thing is I don't know if he's interested in me yet, and we're both very shy people. We will probably dance around each other for a while. :p So I'm on like cloud 5.
  4. I'm glad for you, sounds like you're gonna make each other really happy :)



    j/k j/k lol :D :D :hide: :D

    Seriously, that fluttery feeling is the shit - good vibes to you both :)
  5. i miss that fluttery feeling. glad to hear theres still some good goin on in this crazy world.
  6. awesome man, that's quite an accomplishment to clean yourself of methamphetamine, glad to hear you're doing better!

    what episode is your avvy from? haha

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