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Is anyone else like this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by godofallcows, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. We made a blunt and it tasted horrible. Maybe we just had bad weed or whatever, but out of a bong its tastes just fine.

    Does anyone else only smoke from a bong? And isn't it waaay more efficient/stronger?
  2. ive smoked a joint like 2/3 times id rather a bong tho
  3. You get more smoke, but the water absorbs a lot of THC.
    I just smoke from a pipe... it's IMO better than blunts or bongs.

    Until I can afford a vaporizer.

  4. Please dont try to help someone without proper facts.

    Water absorbs little to no THC.
  5. lol, you made the blunt? That might be your problem. I usually buy cigars and re-roll them up. You can use wraps too but you usually roll those. Blunts are essentially premade, just insert weed and twist
  6. Yeah I'm sure he grew the tobacco in his back yard, dried it, and rolled the blunt by hand.. come on dude.. Seriously? What did you think he meant?
  7. You sir.. are wrong, water does not absorb most of the thc.
  8. If you're someone like me, even a little wasted THC is bad.
  9. With bongs it's actually not so much the water but the tar, which holds some cannabinoids in suspension. The same as the 'resin' that desperate people scrape and smoke, the stuff that makes bong water turn dirty holds some of the cannabinoids back. The water filters out much of the tar, which in turn keeps some of the THC and other cannabinoids in suspension.
  10. When I smoke blunts they're always flavored. Blueberry is my fav...I love the taste of blunts :)

    And I think it gets me MUCH higher but that's just from the quantity imo.
  11. well water absorbs 0% THC so bongs are better imo. THC is not water soluble

  12. Yes and no. See above. Bongs do waste some THC. Virtually every method does.
  13. Swisher Sweets cigars :)
  14. You might have had a bag cigar or rolled it bad or just bad weed. I wouldn't be so quick to rush to conclusions but it really doesn't matter to me either way. As long as it gets me high.
  15. Yes, but according to your signature... you like to smoke out of a Bop-It?
  16. i love sitting back and smoking a nice joint or blunt. more relaxing in my opinion:smoking:
  17. I dunno, it was a Blunt Wrap (why I rolled it) and it just tasted awful. Out of bongs it seems like it takes so much less then a blunt/joint.

    We ended up cutting it in half and using a bong lol
  18. Didnt want to start a new thread, so ill jsut bump this one...

    Rolled a couple of strawberry juicy jay joints and they were ten time better than that blunt. My flatmate and I walked around campus and smoked it, then we rode bikes, it was awesome!
  19. Most of the time I'll smoke out of a bong, and I love it. But whenever we end up smoking a J or a blunt, it's just as awesome. A bong gets me more retarded high, whereas a blunt gets me more relaxed, chill high.
  20. I don't like blunts myself, I stick to pipes or bongs.
    Just less of a waste in THC

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