Is anyone else done with women?

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  1. before any close-minded and childish remarks, I am not gay, nor contemplating turning gay.

    Anyway, I have been a nice guy for all my life. That is exactly the problem, if you know what I mean. I dont think that needs any further explanation. It seems that a lot of girls not only dont want respect, but they dont even deserve it. The more i've given them, the more they try to walk over me and treat me like shit, and/or stop talking to me. They have also gotten me in serious trouble in my workplace multiple times over stupid situations that they made made bigger for no reason. Since they are girls (not to mention have been working longer than me), the stupid male managers always take their side. I am not liked by girls, or authority in my workplace and they make it obvious.

    Also, I am not into materialism and basically EVERYTHING else girls are into.
    I am not rich (very broke actually), am very nice (definitely not as nice after what i've been through with girls the past few years though), and smart (perhaps smart enough to intimidate less intelligent girls).

    I am not a "bad boy", but i am a very troubled individual and sometimes i think people can sense that (but most girls won't be able to sense that because they don't stick around long enough to even get to know that part of me).

    my occurences with women have followed the same pattern throughout my life, and it feels like it is just a never ending cycle that i cant escape, so i am gonna "escape" it the only way i know how...not even participate in this foolishness. im done trying to date, and done talking to women period.

    i dont even know if im nice far from bitter, but i just do not tolerate womens bullshit anymore. i used to just ignore them, but now i tell them to fuck off THEN ignore them and keep it movin. i feel like i dont even have any emotions such as anger....just apathy.
  2. Sometimes being a "nice guy" comes off as "really desperate". What have the girls said when they break up with you?
  3. I know exactly how you feel. I've had a lot of times where I've felt like I was done with women. Right now I just don't feel like they're worth the energy, I'd rather focus on myself and pursuing the things that I want to do.
  4. I'm pretty sure men and women both go through this. I know I went through this kind of phase. I am happy to say that when I was not even trying to find love, it found me. It'll happen, you will find the right one. It's rarely the one you just picked up at a bar, it's usually the one you meet at the supermarket so to speak.

    Just be yourself and it will come to you.
  5. Figure out your life first before you even begin to try to figure women out.
  6. I'm in the same boat as Brian ^
    If they pop up, cool. But I'm not going to go out of my way for a girl. I keep myself very busy with daily workouts and school (hopefully a new job this monday as well :D)
  7. Women be shoppin
  8. i'm not done... but coming out of my last relationship 2 years ago kinda left me back at square one, basically forgetting everything about picking up chicks. i can barely talk to a girl im into to save my life now.
  9. Lol i havent even started with girls really. Im really nice too and i guess girls dont like that, go figure
  10. i don't like relationships. they expect too much out of you. only time i ever have any contact with a girl is when i'm drunk and that usually is a sad story

  11. for women:p

  12. Hey man, have a look at the thread i just posted. you should read it. seriously man.

    if you don't then i shall tell you a bit here.

    don't pursue a relationship, if you're done with woman then you're done. let them come to you. you'll find the ones worth keeping are the ones who will make a move on you. just do your thang; be nice (dont be a pushover) and respect the people around you.

    that's what i did, and i was seriously like you, until this hot older woman made a move on me :smoke: seriously man, it'll be okay. you just gotta relax.

    play some vidya games if you're into that, but don't stress over this. it happens when it happens. try to learn to be happy by yourself and you'll find it's quite nice being single.

    anyway, hope this helped i bit.
  13. well im not even desperate, just genuinely nice. not even overly nice like i would beg them to be with me or anything. they would never break up with me because they would never get with me in the first place.

    yea, this isn't the first time i've been through this "phase", but this time i actually feel like this feeling could last a lifetime. i dont see myself ever considering a girl for a relationship, even if she seems like my "soulmate" and is a direct copy of me.

    i used to focus on all of my hobbies and such and be too wrapped up in them to consider women so i wouldn't get any because i would be too busy....and everyone would always be like "OMGZ Y DONT U HAVE A GF?!". now a few things have happened in my life and i am living alone and really lonely so that is what made me decide to look after a girl so i wouldnt be as lonely, but i guess i'll just have to deal with it. i'd rather be lonely than deal with the shit i went through trying to get a woman and getting not only nowhere, but seeming like i've taken steps backwards in some areas.
  14. Dam, I know that feeling too well.

    Maybe we're meeting the wrong women (its all I can think of!) because there's no way that every goddam girl I've met is a superficial, materialistic, stupid (whether playing it or actually being it) shopping addicted dumb fucken bitch.

    I decided to ignore the whole relationship aspect of women, just go with the flow, plow whatever girl you can and eventually the right one might come along.

    either way, fuck it.
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  15. I have nothing to complain about. Therefore there is at least 1 decent girl out there in this world. Pretty sure theres more.

    Why give up when you havent even met a handful of these women yet?
  16. Women in the workplace are like rats in a cage - the more there is the nastier they are and try to involve men in their arguments against their targeted female for that day. - Then they turn around the next day to the same female they hated yesterday and attack you. I would say i am a nice guy as well and found that the only people who were nice to me back when i was a young buck were older females while the ones my age just saw me as a nice guy and not very exciting? Anyway I was likely like you just bitter and sad but then one day someone did come along and we have kids - she doesn’t care about money, material things etc - has her faults like anyone but not into the usual bullshit. Same with my mate - he hated females and said "who would want to marry me and relationships all turn to shit anyway" he is now happily married with two kids - Hang in you never know what is around the corner
  17. Yeah man I'd call myself a nice guy too, and I have a similar view point. Way I see it though, is there are nice girls out there we just gotta keep searching to find them. But I definitely have grown apathetic because of the large numbers of woman who do not meet my standards of...well...decency. If this is how half of the ladies I meet pick a mate, I don't want 'em. Where's the fuckin substance?

    For instance, a girl I've known awhile who's mad cute I tried to spit at but of course I'm not just trying to JUST smash and dash since I've known her, so I'm being all nice and gentleman-like and shit. 2 hang out sessions later now she's ignoring me, so I do the same and ignore her and now she talks to me again. Games.

    Kinda dumb but it's like you gotta play the game to even get it going, that's what pisses me off fuck the games just dig it or get the fuck off. It's childish as hell, but it could be my age range (21 when everyones partying and just trying to get laid. I'm more or less looking for something more...lasting).

    But going off what somewhat else posted, yea I feel like woman view nice guys as guys who don't take risks, aren't fun, exciting, entertaining, etc....or maybe not much of a lion in the sack, but that's bullshit. You piss me off, and I'm the same if not more of a dick than Joe Dirt over in the corner who likes to treat people like a douche on a day-to-day basis.

    But never give up those woman aren't worth your time, they're the ones that will cheat and hop up on the next pogo stick that rolls into town. Word
  18. theres only one problem with your story OP, if you are as smart as you say you are why are you broke?
  19. I don't see how the two are related

  20. I have known a few people who do low paid jobs who are allot smarter than me - just didn't have the same breaks as i did or happy getting less money for less hours so they can pursue their dreams/passions when not working. Money and intellect have no correlation in some cases

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