Is any one else having trouble w/ Gwar Tickets?

Discussion in 'General' started by Iron Hymen, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. It's for November 3rd, held at the Palladium in MA. Any one else planning to go, but is having trouble buying the tickets online? Every time I click on the link to buy the tickets, nothing shows up:eek: if you could post the correct link I'd be very grateful:hello:
  2. Have fun at the Palladium, they kicked me out before Between the Buried and me started, and I had to drive all the way home to CT, they're dicks up there :(
  3. Aw cmon doll, why the hell would they do such a thing? Well I doubt they'd be dicks if gwars around. Cause Gwar's got plenty of dicks, puss, blood and semen to come around!!!
  4. My goal in life is to see gwar live before i or they die.
  5. Gwar show tonight is only half sold. I guess the fans around here aren't very interested. There were tix available for new york, too. My guess is that the show will not sell out, and there will be tickets available outside from scalpers for less than the orig. tix price.

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