Is an unbranded webcam safe?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by spillee86, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Basically, I just bought an unbranded webcam from eBay. It arrived today and I've just plugged in and thought 'Hold up.' Because it's unbranded can someone have done something to it to hack my PC???

    I mean, it's from a listed buyer apparently, but cost like, £4 or something. What's the worse someone can do? If they're gonna be all spying and shit then if my dick goes out on the web, my dick goes out on the web. Doesn't bother me.

    But can they do other shit with it? Like, read my passwords and that by it being plugged in via USB?

    I'm genuinely dumb as shit with this stuff so feel free to mock and humour me.
  2. yeah they probably could but would they? also i'm pretty sure that just by having a webcam that the lens isn't blocked someone can hack into and watch you.

  3. This shit. fuck webcams, and if you have one, make sure you keep it unplugged when not using it....
  4. the same goes for phones but it's harder for traditional hackers especially smart phones with 2 cameras and a microphone...
  5. grass man420, you are paranoid and misinformed.

    You'll be fine OP. Don't worry.
  6. Anything that interfaces with your computer can inject code and have it transmit your information.

    I wouldnt stress about the webcam, they are already spying on you....
  7. am i? or is it you who is misinformed? call me crazy but i know that anyone in the world with the right technology could hack into your phone and watch you through your camera.

    i agree, don't worry about it OP. it CAN but probably won't happen.
  8. Why would they WANT to spy on you in the first place?

    You're fine.
    Paranoid, but you're fine
  9. that is irrelevant. the fact is that they CAN spy on him. why should he knowingly leave open a easy way for someone to spy on him? that's like leaving your window open at night if you live on a busy street. i believe every one has a right to privacy and that right is unrestricted. i say better safe than sorry.
  10. Yeah it just froze my PC for like a day guys. Haha.
  11. lol yes some one could inject code or make modifications fairly easily to be able to spy on you but unless your a corporate big wig or the president i doubt you got anything to worry about
  12. I am both those things.
  13. o your fucked then hit squads on its way
  14. You should be fine. Anyone with a webcam is capable of being spied on. It all comes down to the user and watching what you download. Don't go on Youtube looking for Runescape hacks or free software and click download links. They will just install a RAT on your computer and then you're a slave to some 15 year old script kiddie who will spy on you with your webcam and steal all of your passwords. It's easier than you think. :rolleyes:

  15. It really took me a while to come around to that idealism...

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