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Is an ounce a month to much

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Roseann, Dec 22, 2022.

  1. Is an ounce a month too much? I use it to treat pain anxiety, and insomnia. I was able to get off six medications, but I worry about my consumption. I have lost a ton of weight and sweat at night. Is this a side effect of the flower.
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    Definitely not. No doctors here, if you're concerned go see one.

    Most of us on here smoke over a ounce a month. That's pretty minimum. Personally before we went legal I was prescribed 3.5 grams every day. Which would be about 2oz a month. Growing our own it's pretty limitless
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  3. 150mg per gram 28 grams to the ounce = 4,200 milligrams of THC
    LOL I'm doing 4500mg per month as edibles where you get 5x the bang per mg used so no your far from being even in same game as some of us.

    Edibles = 5x as strong and 10x longer lasting per mg used.

  4. BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    The best edible oil possible.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    My work on the same stuff.

    If you use Cannabis as pain control this really nails it for all day relief from a single morning Capsule. The only tricky part if finding your personal sweet spot dose but once that is done you can get the same exact level of stone / relief day after day.

    Edible also only take a fraction of what you'd smoke. What makes a tiny bowl that gets you stoned for an hour will keep you stoned for 8 hours or more when prepared and eaten.

    Eaten Cannabis is transformed by your Liver from Delta-9-THC into the far stronger and longer lasting 11-Hydroxy-THC. Neat trick your body does.

  5. half pound per month works for me
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  6. I use about a 1g to 1.5g a day for severe pain
    On days when I feel better its less
    I stopped worrying about my usage because my quality of life improved dramatically

    Using a combination of edibles, flower and concentrates I am able to manage my pain with NO pills
    My days are more productive
    As with anything there is give and take
    Fortunately cannabis gives much, much more than it takes ($$)
    If cost is not an issue then don't obsess about your consumption at the 1g-2g level
    A fellow patient is 3.5g+ a day, more on the + side

    Think of it in terms of quality of life
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  7. well thats about what i use 1 gram per day and it costs me nothing since i decided to grow my own it actaully adds up to growing over 1 ounce per week if a 4 month grow gives over 1 pound
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  8. Wife and I burn 4 oz a month, give or take. Got the perpetual grow set to produce about 10oz every 8 weeks. Plenty for smoking, plenty of trim for infused oil, and even a little extra to share with family and friends. .75 cents a day for electricity and .11 cents for nutrients. Really can't beat it.
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  9. Consumption frequency saves repeating oneself

    good luck all the same
  10. I only smoke flower. I've tried edibles several times (up to 100mg) and they have no effect on me, zero. Vaping oil is almost useless, a slight weird buzz with no relief from anxiety. Strains are not at all like the original flower. I need the whole entourage, as they say

    anyway, to the OP:
    I average 1-1.5 grams per day and not in wasteful pre-rolls (I get 5-6 hits from a 180mg bowl), partly because it's a pain leaving my job for 20 minutes in the middle of the day to medicate. Otherwise it would be a bit more. I exercise regularly and vigorously and I'm in the best health since I was 25, a very long time ago
  11. Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    While hash or Kief does make the better capsule bud dust is no slouch and will put you in your place quite well.

    Lecithin is the strength multiplier. Bioavailability improver.
    Lecithin Enhanced Oil is a game changer for many of the hard / impossible to stone.
  12. man i felt like sn addict just reading the title
    ive been going trough 2oz a week
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  13. So you consume about 200mg of thc a day. Im betting you were consuming a hell of a lot more than 200mg of 6 different meds that who fucking knows the long term effects of.
  14. 300mg of edibles per day as my pain kicked up bad. It's like an endless acid trip. Keys on the laptop keep slumping and running off onto the floor. Telling my wife her face is melting only gets me dirty looks and threats against my life. She doesn't find me funny at all.
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  15. Its a quality of life issue
    If that's what gets you through then that's what gets you through
    Many folks have a half ounce a day need
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  16. We have to separate recreational smoking and medication, and it's not easy to do. We probably all started to smoke for pleasure. When a doctor gives a pill order, it's easy to follow a prescription. When it comes to marijuana, to me there's only 2 things to care about: what is the needed dose to relieve pain and stress, without excessive sides effects.
    And sometimes, it's not easy to ask for help.. And sometimes, taking marijuana is asking for help. We have to stay humble and take all help needed. I have brain cancer with seizures. When I feel like shit, it takes a lot of effort to ask for help, and roll a 2nd one. Hard to describe. These joints are not smoked for fun far from it.
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  17. Some people need 1 ounce a week, some a month, some a year, it all depends on what works best for you. Make sure you are getting some CBD at least 1/3rd of the THC you are consuming to help balance out the medicine and not overdo your nervous system. Eat well, sleep, exercise, stay hydrated, medicate effectively.
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  19. Without knowing what the meds were, I can only guess... But how quick did you stop them and what are their withdrawal symptoms? My wife came off high dose diazepam years ago, and it was like going cold turkey from heroin! Sweats, tremors, hallucinations, you name it, she got it... Codeine withdrawal isn't much better, the lists go on!
    Oh, and she averages 1-3oz a month for a long time now, but no prescriptions, no weird side effects either
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