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Is an Herb Grinder a necessity?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OCMS, May 28, 2010.

  1. Its not something i use when im not home, its just nice to have at home when you smoke.
  2. With the bud I smoke, yes it is necessary. It gets stuck to my fingers so easily, it makes it incredibly hard to roll without a grinder. Plus I just can't stand seeing all that kif goodness go to waste.
  3. No, I think grinders break your weed up too well. I always find myself using more weed. I'm not saying you don't get higher or that it's a waste, I just don't need to put as much in my bowls as I do when I grind it. I'm going to buy one when I get a vaporizer next month though.
  4. when i was a newb me and my friends just use to break the bud up with are fingers, but now that I'm copping about a quarter every two weeks a grinder becomes your best friend because it gets kind of tedious breaking up large amounts of bud up with your fingers
  5. Grinders save kief. end story. so much wasted through hand picking.

    my advice, buy one with a large kief area, then superglue the kief catcher to the rest of it and dont open that shit till 420 of next year. you can thank me then:wave:
  6. I love my grinder. Saves time and keeps my from wasting any and I love have Keif.

    Also I just keep bud in my grinder, only grind up enough for 2-3 days at a time. I only pull out the jar when I run out keeping it fresh longer.
  7. I bought the cheapest grinder they had at the local cigar/headshop. $13 and it inexplicably is emblazoned with a Dallas Cowboys logo and color scheme. its a 3-piece with a kief catcher and it works so im not complaining.
  8. For me, its an absolute must. I need to grind my weed before I use my vaporizers.... not to mention I have two grinders with pretty good kief catchers - i have a ridiculous amount in there now...

    definitely helpful when rolling joints and blunts too. Its worth getting a decent $10-$20 grinder... less wasted crystals on your fingers :)

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