is an entire plant female or male?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Peef, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. having never been around an actual cannabis plant, i didnt know if an entire plant is male of just stems of a plant. i was also wondering about how many oz an average size plant gives you of smokeable marijuana.
  2. Yes, the WHOLE plant is make or female. And there is no point in keeping a male unless you want seeds.
  3. It really depends on the strain and a lot of environmental factors. You can get as little as a quarter dry weight to like a qp+ if it is ginormous.

    And a plant can be male, female, or it can be a germinated female the only difference being it produces seeds, making for marijuana with a lower value.
  4. I agree with sntax13 because I think it depends on the strain also. And last time out of 3 plants I got about 4 oz. I was wanting a lot more. but better than nothing. But if you have a male and a female around one another usually that female will turn hermaphrodite. That is a female with 50% bud and 50% seeds. You probably want to shoot for sinsimelia unless you just don't want to get rid of a certain strain.
  5. u can have a heraphrodite which means parts of the plant are male and parts are female..... we cant forget those bastards
  6. are you sure this makes the plant a hermaphrodite? or does it just pollinate it and make it produce seeds.............:rolleyes: hermaphrodite marijuana plants are VERT rarley natural. the only natural enviromental factors that may be able to create hermies is, too much nitrogen in the first week of flower, a lot of stress when the plant is at an early stage, or the dark period being interupted (sp) hermies are usually caused by unstable inter-stain breeding.

  7. Yes. A male and female together won't make a hermie it will cause female seeded buds. Hermies are usually from stress and are indeed very rare. I have never personally seen one. You would have to give it a shit-load of N before flower to have a problem because the plant uses a lot of N during flower. Then the problem would be over fert or N toxicity not a hermie. I think people on here throw around the word hermaphrodite a little more the necessary.

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