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Is an altoids mints box good for storing small amounts of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aznleroy, May 4, 2011.

  1. Because that is what i am currently using to hold my small stash (I carry it with me most of the time)
  2. If it works for you, yes. I am not sure how well an altoids tin blocks out smell, but I bet if you use a plastic bag to form a seal it will help out a little.
  3. i wouldn't recommend anything more than an 1/8 or 3.5g
  4. i always used to use an altoids tin as my travel case /w a mini-bic lighter, one hitter, and usually a gram or two and it always worked fine. id seal the weed in a cig cellophane if its pretty strong smelling though.

    lately ive been using a camel snus tin but its the same idea

    oh, but dont actually store your bud in it.
  5. Nah they are all in bags
  6. Nope, dries out the weed fast since oxygen can get in easy. Buy a mason jar! Probably at walmart for less than 10 bucks
  7. I need something thats portable...A walgreens pill cartridge?
  8. it dont get more portable than a bag
  9. X-Small Screw-Top 420 Jar

    any small airtight jar works, but 420jars are neat. a pill bottle works ok but isnt ideal for long term storage

  10. A pill case from a pharmacy works wonders

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