Is Ambien worth trying?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Coheed, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I've got myself two 10mg real ambien and was wondering if they were worth trying. I don't get many nights off and I have one coming up so I was thinking on taking one or two of them, but I don't want to just fall asleep or end up ruining my night taking them (i.e., being sick all night or just not having fun on them). Also, is it safe to take some caffiene pills with them so I don't fall asleep?
  2. it should be fun, have u done psychedelics before? i heard its really visual
  3. They're alright. I stayed awake on 20 mgs at school. Can't say I remember what I did the first half of the day though.
  4. It's hard to say. I've taken 25mg and started hallucinating the very second they kicked in. I've taken 40mg and hardly felt it.
  5. Are there any real drawbacks? For instance, I've taken percocet before and while I liked it, the debilitating high was annoying after a while, and they made me a bit nausious. What is an ambien high like? I cannot seem to find much info on it.
  6. Erowid Experience Vaults: Pharms - Zolpidem (also Ambien) Main Index
  7. Id say ya its worth trying. It will either be pretty crazy, or youll just feel like your drunkish.

    Seems to be hit or miss. At least it has been for me. Pretty good distortion though, warping kinda like shrooms.
  8. Ambien is ridiculous.

    when you take it to fall asleep, ur dreams are like nothing you've ever seen before, but you usually forget them.

    rec- you gotta stay awake, its tough though because its powerful stuff. a couple times it was an out of body, like i watched my body doing things, while my spirit was sitting on the couch. you can have some pretty crazy hallucinations. definately worth getting a script for too.
  9. If you already have the pills it's worth trying, it's definitely an interesting high.

    I must say though, it works for some people and not for others, and it can stop working (speaking towards rec effects). Like when I got ambien scripted for insomnia I could take a handful of 10s and not get any kind of recreational effects, but the first couple times I did ambien I took 1 10mg tablet and was fucked up for like 2-3 hours, and I DEFINITELY had some sensory hallucinations (one I remember is sitting at a picnic table and feeling like it was a boat rocking with the sea)
  10. The only real drawback I can think of is that you will have a hard time remembering anything that happened.
    Sometimes I forget the entire day, amnesia or something.
  11. its worth it but i wouldnt buy them
    i dont remember to much from when i did it

  12. Yes yes yes! I love ambien! 20mg should be a good starting dose. Lots of euphoria and visuals and then you get the best nights sleep ever.

    Try not to lay down, you will fall asleep, the bed feels to damn good.
  13. Sooo true haha
  14. Yeah , I know that feeling. I layed down to "rest" for a minute. I was out.
  15. Ha, I'll be very careful then. I'm a sleepy person. Last time I had a day off I smoked a ton of weed and sat on the couch. Slept for 12 hours, and then had to go to work. I was pissed, lol.

    I occasionally take caffiene pills recreationally, would these be safe to take with the ambien?
  16. I wouldn't take the caffeine pills with the ambien only because there might be an adverse reaction and you won't be getting a pure ambien high. Try it alone, it's really not that hard to stay up. Just keep occupied.

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