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Is aluminum really a bad bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jimthefrog345, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. What evidence do you have to back this up?
  2. Well dude he did get lock jaw. And even if it didn't come because of smoking out of aluminum, I've been thinking about it. Here is what I decided. When I smoked out of my aluminum foil bowl, it starts to get brittle and burnt. Then some little pieces break off of it sometimes. After seeing this, I think that it's unavoidable to inhale some small aluminum particles straight into your lungs. And that cannot be good for you, even if you don't get lockjaw. So why not just do an apple pipe to be safe until you can get something better?
  3. Ive never had that problem. Aluminum shouldnt shred or anything like that. And why are you using it more than once?
  4. with aluminum cans its not the aluminum its the paint on the outside of the can, burning any ink will harm you, i read on here that its not aluminum that harms you but other substances in aluminum foil products
  5. Some people on here are religious about their aluminum... They'll post pages upon pages of 'fact' to prove their point, random googled temperatures, aluminum 'research', etc..

    I got news for you people- Aluminum isn't a virgin princess, and at one point 'fact' stated the Earth was flat. Remember when they said eggs were bad for us? :p

    I'd give it 10 years before its all laughable.
  6. Aluminum Foil is 99.99% pure aluminum, the 0.01% is the rounded digit of any tiny dust particles that may be in it. Nothin but pure aluminum.

    There is a tiny chance that driving could hurt me, so why would you I do it? It's just easier than walking every day for the next week, but I'll take an extra 10 minutes to stay healthy and avoid that .0000836% chance of getting hurt.
  7. I knew the deodorant bit, but thanks for clearing that up!
  8. Haven't a lot of people been cooking baked potatoes forever by wrapping them in aluminum foil and sticking them in the oven? Wouldn't some harmful chemical vape into the potato if it was really that bad for you? I don't really know, or have researched, just wondering, has anyone read up on this?

  9. Yeah dude this is true. So I geuss I'll be walking from now on.
    But seriously, I think this is a good point but there's a difference. Walking would take me an extra hour. Making an apple pipe will take me an extra 5 minutes at the most. So I don't know, it just seems like taking that extra 5 minutes is nothing. Versus taking an extra hour, which is a lot. And even though there is just a tiny chance in both cases, when I have the opportunity to avoid either chance I will. Know what I mean?

    Well dude here is the difference. When you eat those tasty potatoes, you're not inhaling straight into the lungs. So the aluminum (there is no other unhealthy chemical, or actually metal, to inhale in Aluminum foil) just goes through your system and out your shit. Versus inhaling into the lungs, aluminum has nowhere else to go. So it just chills there and hurts you. I think anyways, that's what I read somewhere else.

  10. Aluminum Foil = :bongin:SAFE:bongin:

    TIN FOIL = :eek:BADDDD:eek:

    I think tin foil has mercury in it or something like that, definitely not good to use in a bowl.
  11. All this over aluminum foil bowls?
  12. Alright I'm throwing this out here... ALUMINUM doesn't melt or whatever untill 1000 degrees. So are all aluminum foils 100% aluminum or do they have a coating that's from something else?
  13. What Is Known About Aluminum Foil?

    Aluminum foil is very pure- in fact it is 99.9% pure, with the .1% being various residues from the manufacturing process that are burned off at low temperature and other impurities found within the material.

    Humans contact aluminum from various sources throughout their everyday routines. Common uses for aluminum are: food (naturally occurring) & food additives, antacids & other pharmaceuticals, cooking utensils, soil, drinking water, air, and electronics.

    Aluminum has a shiny and a dull side- there is no difference to the two sides, this is caused by the manufacturing of aluminum. The sheets are too thin to cut one at a time, so they cut two pieces at a time, causing a shiny and dull side.

    Average human intake of aluminum is around 3grams (a little higher inCanada because the drinking water is treated with higher concentrations of aluminum).

    Aluminum, at temperatures below melting point, does not give off gas or vapor.

    What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

    Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive disease that affects the brain- causing mental deterioration, disorientation, depression, memory lapses.

    When studies have been perform on patients with Alzheimer's Disease scientist have found that patients have high concentration (10-30 times the normal) of Aluminum in their systems.

    Studies were conducted in order to find out if people who drink water with high concentrations of aluminum had a higher risk at developing Alzheimer's Disease. These studies did show there was an increased risk- HOWEVER, studies have been done where individuals drank water without being treated with aluminum and found the same risk of developing Alzheimer's.

    These two test indicate that there may be genetic reasons why some individuals develop Alzheimer's.

    Studies performed on patients have not found a common factor in the development of Alzheimer's Disease

    Scientist do not know if Alzheimer's Disease causes higher concentrations of aluminum, or if it is caused by high concentrations of aluminum.

    Smoking Using Aluminum Foil

    Most brands of aluminum foil (Renoyld's Wrap with the anti-stick coating and similar brands being the exception), are untreated and remain 99.9% aluminum (again with the .1% being residues and other agents in the manufacturing process)

    In order to inhale aluminum it would have to be changed from a solid to a vapor. This requires a lot of heat. More heat than what it produced by a butane lighter. A butane lighter is not even capable of melting aluminum, if a lighter fails to melt the aluminum, it will not be able to change the aluminum into a vapor.

  14. Part of me wants to say that its bad for you, but most of me thinks this is ridiculous. Unless your wearing that foil down to the point where its crumbling than I dont see what the problem is; just switch it out every time you use it. Its intended as a cooking supply, its primary purpose is to be exposed to high temperatures around materials that we ingest in our bodies; to be frank I would be more concerned about the carcinogens in the smoke than the "floating aluminum dust that like fucks up your lungs".

    Its basicly some random guy ranting on the internet but this sounds pretty legit to me:

    Is smoking out of an aluminum foil pipe hazardous to your health?

    EDIT: lol, we apparently did the same google search, mine just took nine minutes longer.

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