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Is aluminum foil dangerous?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johny Potsmoker, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I am a mcgyver of pot smoking and i take pride in making all of my toking tools, so that makes aluminum foil my best friend. Whenever im making some sort of weed smoking contraption i usually use aluminum foil for the bowl to hold the weed. one of my homies told me that burning the aluminum makes dangerous shit get mixed in with the smoke and go into your lungs and fuck em up. Is this true? Will water filtration prevent this?
  2. Yes, Its very dangerous, and filtration will not help because the smoke is still contaminated with the chemicals on the foil, please try something else, bowl pieces are very cheap.
  3. Yeah stay the hell away from alluminum foil or soda cans. Just use an apple/potato, or go out and drop 15 bucks on a glass piece since it sounds like you smoke often.

  4. Ditto!

  5. PLEASE listen to this man(or women)! Foil is dangerous because it will get very hot(it wont melt, but everything, including all plastics, has a softening point where it can release fumes) and release chemical fumes into your smoke, it tastes bad and can possily give you alzeimers.
  6. Alzheimer's urban myth is exactly thusly, an urban myth. The real fact is that Alzheimer's patients all have more aluminum in their system than the normal human being.

    Now half the pot smokers in the world thing aluminum foil will give you forms of dementia!! Remember, you bake with aluminum foil all the time, does it contaminate your meat?

    see my thread for more answers. i literally posted maybe 20 minutes before you.
  7. That is why i said possibly. I didnt want to guarentee anything, i heard it was a myth but never really looked into it because i dont use foil and i never will. If i dont have a safe piece to use i would rather not smoke. Either way, smoking regularly after age 51 will prevent alzeimers for pretty much life.
  8. This is true, you did say possibly hahaha.

    Didn't mean to rain on your parade man, good vibes for sure!
  9. I was wondering this same thing. I told some friends that I had smoked out of a pop can before and they were all like, "Dude that causes Alzheimer's and its terrible" I too asked why cooking with aluminum or making a "hobo" in the fire doesn't cause tons of damage to you (or does it?!) Is it pure aluminum in foil either? Don't know if that makes a difference. I am very reluctant to believe rumors I hear from friends without researching it first. You know how it all goes haha.

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