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is aluminum foil bad for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. in my decent time of toking and bong building ive come accross the alluminum foil pipe many times in my time. now i just need to know, ive researched it and ive seem to find that its not toxic because the flame from a lighter does not burn hot eneough to release the fumes, plus an oven is much hotter then a lighter and you coook with alluminum foil dont you?? what do you guys know??
  2. i wouldnt do it.
  3. ^He means using the foil as a screen. From what I've read, yes it is bad for you. I chose the last option though because using it every once in a while won't hurt. Just stay away from it as much as possible.
  4. yea i edited my post....damn it seems like im always misreading something.
  5. op you got it right in your own text ...its fine to use. no it wont make puddles in your brian or cause massive loss of memory. cook with it in the oven all the time and that was the case tin foil would be obsoleet.
  6. cooking and smoking are 2 different things though
  7. i know a kidd that smoke only foil for like 3 months bam pissin blood true story went to the doc and he was like yeap its from teh foil

    ......every here and there as a last resort is ok tho but you can use a little pebble as a screen in time of need as well
  8. use TIN foil, its a lot better. less chance to die ;)
  9. yeah id try not to use it, i used to when i was younger but seriously just try to buy a glass piece off of someone if you still under 18
  10. so theres a diff between alluminum and tin foil??
  11. what he said^^
  12. I still don't feel like I know for sure if it's bad for you or not, but I try to limit how much I use it as much as possible.
  13. He wouldn't have to seen HE IS 18 or older.
  14. i only use aluminum if i dont have a piece or a wrap and even then its only the screen, i wouldnt suggest making a whole pipe out of it.......
  15. don't do it, just buy a piece. it makes life A LOT easier. and if you're still trying to find one go to barns and noble, go to the bible section, and rip out a page with no text on it. (or use your own if this is against your morals). you'll get 5-10 wraps easily from it depending on the bible you get, and each is just as good as a store-bought wrap. this ought to keep you set until you can afford/find a piece.
  16. if you really dont want to buy a screen for some reason, but you actually need one, use this:
    its very thick but its easy to give it the shape you need. you can use it many times too, just use a knife or something to cut out a small piece of it and poke some holes in it

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