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Is aluminium safe to smoke out of or not?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by LonelyStonerx, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Fuck, I just spent a good 15 minutes trying to wipe your "signature" off my screen, and then I thought my monitor was fucked, started to panic, scrolled down & noticed it was your signature. :mad:

  2. Speaking of plastic pipes, a friend and I walked into a smoke shop and he said... "Hey look! It's one of those plastic pipes you put in the freezer" *sigh* I never let him live that down haha
  3. [quote name='"LonelyStonerx"']

    Why is it safe to burn it black when you're cooking with it then?[/quote]

    Uhh because your not inhaling it afterward
  4. I could be wrong about this but from what I remember reading elsewhere foil cooked in an oven is only heated to a few hundred degrees and any gasses released rise in the air and generally don't stick to the food within.

    When you hold a few thousand degree lighter flame to a piece of foil and inhale all the gasses released its a bit different.

    I personally can never bring myself to do it and would much rather just make an apple pipe if I was stuck.
  5. if im not smoking out of glass then its an apple haha
  6. [quote name='"silentbob182"']i haave an aluminum pipe i dont think they would sell it if it was poisonous[/quote]

    One word: cigarettes

  7. Yeah, your momma smoked from aluminum while she was pregnant with you.

    What's the worst that could happen?
  8. gallium pipes are the only real solution purest flavor and everything
  9. [quote name='"stonerpunname"']gallium pipes are the only real solution purest flavor and everything[/quote]

    Lolz how fuckin silly would it be if you tokd ur friend to hit gallium and that shit just melted in their hand
  10. [quote name='"silentbob182"']i haave an aluminum pipe i dont think they would sell it if it was poisonous[/quote]

    Then again they sell Cigarettes that kill people

  11. Aluminum is different than tin, how they react and break down with the weed I'm not 100% sure on, read some of the other links. And well, they sell synthetic marijuana all around sooo... Don't trust stores/advertisers as much as you'd like to. They're just trying to sell their shit and make a buck.

  12. Alzheimer's = low levels of dopamine. Just saying.
  13. If you have a pipe that is anodized, then it's fine to smoke out of. A pipe that hasn't ben anodized properly or not at all anodized, I wouldn't go near it. Look for A'Maze'd pipes, those are anodized aluminum and are high quality. :hello:

  14. Two things here...

    When people say something vaporizes, or ignites, or freezes, or whatever thing based on temperature happens based on temperature... that is a bit of a simplification.

    Usually these changes occur based on the energy, which temperature is basically a measure of. But if you look at one block of aluminum, your talking about a shit ton of tiny atoms. All of these atoms are at slightly different energy states... and while it may take a high temp to produce the bulk of the dangerous vapors, some will be produced at lower temperatures too. Its kinda like how water boils at 100 deg Celsius... but really some will evaporate at much lower temperatures.

    Second, when people cook with aluminum foil they do not close the grill, hook a hose up to it and take fat drags off it... so any dangerous effects mostly dissipate into the atmosphere. For what its worth I know people who wont eat food cooked in foil.

    I have also smoked out of foil pipes in my younger days when there were no options... So its not like one breath will kill you, but prolonged exposure is bad and repeated use is probably unwise.
  15. It all depends on who you ask or talk to.
  16. A few times won't hurt
  17. when i was making those pipes back in hs one of my boys told me it gave u nut cancer, dont know if thats true but i stopped after that

    just make an apple pipe, you can eat it after

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