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is all my smoking catching up with me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. well ive smoked 3 bowls a day faithfully for a year now. ive been an on and off smoker for almost 4 years. ive had my streaks where id go through an ounce in 6 days. but for the most part i have calmed down and smoke maybe 1.5 grams a day.

    the past few days have been hell on my lungs. i smoke some tobacco here and ther but i have only been doing that for about a month. i only smoke cigs/phillies when im drinking. its the only time i find them satisfying. but ia have asthma and ive been having to use my inhaler aot more latley. ive been coughing up alot of crap. do you guys think this is a result of all my smoking?
  2. exercise some and it will help with the respiratory. when i first started smoking heavily, i used to cough up nasty shit too. i still continued smoking, and it eventually went away. i still cough up pleghm sometimes, but maybe about 1/4 as much as i used to and only like 6-7 times during the day instead of 6-7 times a minute. stay away from tobacco my man, its too harsh for your lungs. you allready smoke weed, why add tobacco to fuck your lungs up even more? man i started smoking heavily 6 months ago, but i can run just as long and just as fast as i ever could, if not faster.
  3. yeah same as me cuz. i went hardcore chronic for a good 8 months (like 6 or 7 times a day) and i would get the nastiest cough here and there (almost like pneumonia) and when i would clean up for few days, the cough would go away. also, sometimes if i smoked A LOT it would kill the cough for a day..but it would be back harder the next day..

    i never smoke tobacco (except the occaisonal colt or a rare popper) so i know its all from the weed. Im going to invest in a VAPORIZER to get rid of all the irratants :)

    Take cough meds and cut the tobacco and you should get better...or cut the weed...but thats not really a good answer eh lol

  4. well cutting the tobacco is a must as i see. i usually run for 20 mins 2-3 times a week if i can. im not a big guy. im about 5' 9" and weigh 135. im in fairly good health. i also lift when i can.

    latley ive been getting better weed. i was thinking... do you think its better to pay the little more and get good weed, as opposed to getting shit weed and smoking more?

  5. Holy shit yes. I would if I could afford it, but I prefer to be a daily smoker and just don't have the money to afford the good stuff all the time, so I go in for regs alot.

    ANYWAYS. Sounds like you need to quit tobacco. I've been smoking unfiltered hand rolled cigarettes for a year and am down to the last of my rolling tobacco and will quit for a while after this just cuz of a physical coming up and also I need to stop.

    No matter how much weed I smoke, i feel fine, but if I've had tobacco that day I feel ALOT worse in terms of lungs n'stuff.

    I went a week, just one, without smoking tobacco and just weed and I started to gain a little weight (a good thing for me) and I felt more energized n'soforth. So I'm more or less looking forward to giving up tobacco at least for a while. But I can never say I've quit or I'll never really stop. Just having it in my mind that I can pick one up once in a while gives me enough comfort to not do it all the time.

    Weed's a different story though. As long as I smoke through a water pipe of sorts, I never get sore coughs n'soforth and my lung capacity seems pretty normal, but I haven't extensively exercised in about four months now, which is bad cuz I know my lungs need that extra exercise so that I don't develop bronchial problems.

    Smoking ganja, by the by, while relatively benign when compared to tobacco, is not without its problems. Even out of the water pipe, a large amount of thick resinous tar (just look inside your pipe) develops on the cilia of your lungs preventing proper oxygen uptake into your bloodstream. This increases blood pressure due to the gradual increase of tar and stress this puts on your body to oxidize your blood.

    True negative effects of SMOKING weed include:

    1. Bronchial Disorders (similar to bronchitis or early pneumonia). Though these have been found to be short lived and symptoms usually disappear with discontinued use.

    2. Tar buildup in lungs. Depending on the quality of the cannabis you smoke and the amount you smoke determines how much tar builds up on the cilia lining of your lungs. The more you exercise, the quicker the tar disperses as the cilia work harder the more vigorous you are on them and they break up the tar and deposit it into your blood stream where I believe it filters out in some fashion through the liver, though I'm unsure about that. Needless to say, this takes a LONG time. For cigarette smokers, even the smallest amount of nicotine has the potential to cause cancer for up to 25 years or longer, even if you haven't smoked for say 24 years straight. While no one has died from lung cancer due to consistent ganja smoking, chances are it's not too good for you.

    3. Tar buildup in mouth. Cannabis has not been known to cause mouth cancer, but tar buildup in your mouth is NOT good. Most likely good brushing and careful care with your teeth will prevent this from manifesting, but leave your teeth to rot and ganja smoking will most probably accelerate the decomposition of your teeth and weaken your gum lining.

    Now, despite this, even with you smoking 3 bowls a day, that is equivalent to 1 cigarettes worth of ganja or less. Considering that ganja has 33 percent of the tar that tobacco has, this still means you're smoking only about 1/3 cigarettes worth of tar per day. This doesn't mean that it's safe, but it definately points a reason at why cigarette smokers die off more quickly than solely cannabis smokers. We simply can't smoke 20 to 50 joints of high quality cannabis a day, only the most hardcore stoners do that and they STILL aren't getting as much tar and carcinogens were they to smoke the same amount of cigarettes.

    Of course, smoking is still bad, and this should not be overlooked as being benign because there still is possible problems associated with cannabis smoking.

    Of course, there IS a solution: vaporization or oral consumption.

    Personally I would love to have a grow going, with some bubblebags, and a nice hotbox vaporizer. If I had these three things . . . pfft, I'd practically care less about having friends, but that's just cuz I don't value my friendships as much as I do weed these days, but that's personal and I don't advocate that as a good healthy living policy, etc. It's just some things I won't give up on having throughout my life, whoever wants to be friends or more with me will simply have to deal with the fact that I have this one and only true vice.

    Anywho, I hope this helps. Quit the tobacco, aim for higher quality cannabis, get a vaporizer, start a grow if you want to save money and control kind and quality, etc.

    Good luck.
  6. im 20 now but ive been abusing my lungs scince i was 15. years of smoking mayfair fags and then the discovary of weed is slowly having its toll.

    i smoke joints with a small amount of tobacco, and i smoke rollies all day as well.

    i get the occasional bad cough, but it always goes. once i got really ill from doing too many bongs (20+) for god knows how long. it was terrible, i litrally could not stop coughing, even when i was asleep! i used to cough so hard that id end up throwing up mid way throuhg a cough attack.

    but i stoped the bongs and dirty cigarettes, and just keep it mainly to joints and rolling tobacco. ive been ok scince, but i get a definate smokers mouth if ive had a "busy" day.
  7. Yes, I do too. And for your original question/concern, it is allergy season. I find that I have more lung butter during this time of the year. Also better weed seems dislodge some of that lung funk (but that could just be a total stonerism).

    stonerism - something you notice when high that is really nothing at all.
  8. Gross. Lung butter.

    but uhh, anyway...

    I agree with this too. not only is the high that dank gives you more clear, powerful, and enjoyable, but you don't need to do as much harm to yourself smoking it.
  9. That reminded me of a comic that referred to getting high once.

    It shows these cavemen all sitting around a cauldron. One of them is standing up and he's looking into his cup after obviously having taken a drink from the brew.

    The caption reads:

    "Hey, what's in this stuff? It makes everything I think seem profound."

    I always thought that was a rather humorous ganja related comic single-image strip.
  10. if u hav astma like i have and smoke cigs n weed like i do its not gud for u, but then again there are people who dont go a second in the day without a cigarette in their mouth! ive seen a man smoke 40 cigs on a 1 hour ferry ride!!!!!
  11. Just smoke slowly dude and try not to damage your throat with the heat of the flame. I recently was coughing up crap too...its the season.

  12. haha yes! ive only herd 2 other people in my life say "lung butter"! my day is perfect!

    anyways yeah today i am leaning more towards that. i couldnt stop sneezing and blowing my nose today at work.
  13. haha YAY! :hello: Glad your day is pefect!! My husband just quit smoking (cigs) and he has been discussing his lung butter stories with me. He's so kind.

    Side note, allergy medicine is fucking expensive. :smoke:
  14. my mom works in a docotrs office so anytime i need the expensive meds i just call her and get millions of samples for free
  15. sauna's fuckin clean out whole whole lungs and nasal path its so good. just take deep breaths and you'll cough a buncha crap out
  16. Lacking a sauna, boiling some water and inhaling the vapors deeply will clean out your throat/lungs. I do it when I'm sick and coughing up shit everywhere, cleans me out for a good couples hours, and warms you up nice and toasty to boot!
  17. I used to cough up shit when i smoked dope, well thats dope..anyway weed hasnt givin me a problem, unless i smoke about 10 blunts in one day then the tobacco is nasty...lately my heart rate has been goin crazy. feels better when i smoke a little weed, started after i got completely shittfaced hammered drunk...fucked up, i know :smoke:
  18. I'm almost afraid to ask, but what the hell do you people see come UP from your esophogus and out your mouth from your fucking lungs? :( :confused:
  19. phlegim... that nasty green shit is in your lungs. thats the shit i keep caughing up. im starting to think i have bronchitis or something
  20. Should I say it? Dare I? Ok Ok I will...

    I don't see shit. Whatever comes up from my lungs, quickly finds it's way to my stomach. (yes, yes ewwwwh) :p :eek: My husband on the other hand, who has been smoking for about 15-16 years, sometimes hacks up hard chunks of of various colored lung butter (mostly between yellow and greenish dark yellow). It is fucking disgusting.

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