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  1. My take on things is that I believe no matter the religion whether it's ALAH, BUDDA, ZUES, ISIS, jewish religion, or christianity.  I believe wars were caused over religion fighting for what they believed or was it for what they  wanted?
    God says he come in many forms and many names. Whether its Hindu or baptist: the stories  are all the same all the way down to Greek mythology. sure they changed some things but they are the same.  Why couldnt these Gods be the same god?
             O.K the religion is different.  But I believe God gave each different civilization exactly the story they needed to hear to lead them on the right path.  The rest was up to us to get on the path. It dont matter what path we take to get to our destination, just as long as we get there. Thats important.  Maybe thats why the religions differ.  
       If we all followed the same path then the road would be over crowded and we wouldnt get through. I hope everyone understand what i meant,  I wasnt starting an arguement. Religion is a touchy subject to many.
    I dont know if im right, but maybe this is what I was meant to believe.  This was my path. i believe parts of all religions and more so Christ.  Just think about it.

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    I have been led to come to this same conclusion as you haha. Christianity, Judaism, Islam is the same "God" that is irrefutable. There were twelves tribes of Israel, 12 God's of Olympus, and 12 zodiac signs. I don't know how much you know about Socrates but a lot of his principles occur in the Bible and the Bible was in the process of being written during his lifetime. I don't remember who said this but it went a long the lines of 'it is scary to think of removing God entirely for where does the idea of Good come from?' Kinda made me think about where the moral principles of our society really come from haha. Maybe people will stop fighting about whose right and realize they are all right haha. 
  3. All religion ties in with the sun... Not the son, it makes more sense to worship something that brings life as a posed to something that there is no evidence to prove its existence.
  4. Thats my point....socrates and dante was brilliant. One day I had just thought long and hard about this and have been for months, but the tripped out part is.  Even thoe I just begin to really think about it, ive always felt this.....its kind of tripped out.
  5. lol at people who think there is a god
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    you shouldnt whether you believe or not is you but people are passionate about there religions...To be insulted is wrong.  O.K. you dont believe right.  You ever heard the expression I rather have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it.  Same here, people that believe could be laughing at you. i rather believe and go to heaven then not believe and doesnt hurt. and when most people tell me they dont believe they just remind me of church goers that go to church faithfully claiming to believe but actually dont.  Thats why they go so much, because they dont believe and are looking to priests to make them believe because there worried about the what if factor.  But this is just the opposite.
         Lets say by some chance god do exist.  If others you laughed at go to heaven and you fall who would be the azz.  If theres a 1% chance then its probable. Believing or not religion is the only true thing that protects all of us whether you believe or not.....without religion we wouldvee been committed mass genocide, and cross boundaries not meant to be crossed.  The fear of god.  So somethings protecting you that you dont believe in.  It was religion that made us start to reason and become more civilized.
  7. Well if you want to go down that route I guess the us government just wanted people to be more civilized by instilling fear and gaining complete control over its citizens... as for heaven and hell I'm fine going to hell instead of heaven if that .0000001% chance we will. I hate the saying yolo but it is true.

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  8. I respect your belief dont get me wrong.  just dont hammer others.  Im not so sensitive because I dont care but others will.  The government was built from god we trust...rome took over alot of countries. .Romans dominated everything and started roman catholics which is pretty much the most powerful entity in the world.  They never lost power.This country as well as all the others was built on religion.It gave us the tools to build order.
  9. How do you know we only live once? I believe like religion if you can't prove it or disprove it then we don't know.

    We might come back, we might not.
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    What if Earth is hell and we keep being re-born here because we sin so much and God will not accept us into Heaven? And what if Heaven is another dimension where there are spirits of pure good and there are is no evil but just peace and love? 
  11. Ive often wondered that were we in purgatory or hell.  its like we will never know like the ghosts that lingers until it realizes its dead then pass on.
  12. Ties in with some tupac lyrics "I wonder if I'm hell-bound, well hell cant be worse then this, 'cause I'm in hell now"

    Hope this thread keeps going, some good thinking points so far!
  13. If we were all the purest form of Good then we would be God. What if God is just a shortened form of Good and that is what we are to strive for is to be good to one another and cooperate? What if Moses was just trippin on drugs and wrote a story based on events, people, phenomena to describe what Good is and to fear of the repercussions of not being good, karma? 
  14. hahaha
  15. That's what I have always believed is all these prophets might of had disorders or the food/drink could of had natural hallucinogens... Like you say with Moses in Egypt, its a known fact the shamans in Egypt were using the natural and most potent hallucinogen called dmt, it can be found in alot of plants!
  16. hahaha....but the prophets couldnt be having the same visions.......or all the disciples the same stories off a trip....yea south africa has weed that makes you hallucinate they say its domina is one of them.
  17. Hmm that's true but from what I've heard and seen from dmt reports they are all fairly similar in experience and vision, it really is a interesting hallucinogen its even produced in the brain!
  18. i want some
  19. All is god.

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