Is adding a power strip to the plug on a light bulb safe?

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  1. What I'm asking is would it be safe to add a power strip to a light bulb that has an outlet on it. Basically it goes bulb socket-outlet attachment-light bulb. Would it be safe for me to run a power strip from that outlet attatchment and run my lights off of that? I plan on using as many cfls as is safely possible. Please do not speculate, this is a very serious matter and you should be very sure of your answer. I do not want my attic, and therefore subsequently my house, going up in flames. "I got shit to do tomorrow." :smoking: Thanks in advance.
  2. Anybody..?
  3. check to see if the outlet has any info on it about maximum watts that should be connected
    i dont know too much about it, but i would think it will be OK
    the way i look at it (which is very possibly wrong) the light bulb socket can have a maximum amount of watts going through it, regardless of the power strip attached to it. so, say the power strip normally runs 100 W, and the socket has a max of 80W...the power strip cannot force the light socket to put out 100W, so it will not be a danger.

    i wouldnt go on what i say tho...basing this on vague recollections of first year physics memory of this is vague b/c i repressed the memory of my 55% final grade
  4. yep, ita all about max watt or amps. Convert the figures and add them up. Don't go over the max for the smallest part... like the cord or breaker.

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