Is acid worth it??

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. okay, well i've been reading up on acid for a while now and i've been trying to find it, i know some people that have it and i'm thinking about buying some. I've been reading on erowid and stuff... and i got alot of info that helped me but the experiences didn't help me at all. So i was wondering if i could get some personal experiences for anyone on the city? Also, some other things i wanted to know is, what kind of feelings do you get? like do you get any time of 'fucked up' feelings? Can one hit make you go crazy? And my last question is, would a half of a hit work? Can anyone help me out?
  2. You get a much stronger trip that with shrooms, but that has some effect. LSD warms up some parts of your brain, and by usin it you kill more brain cells, once or twice isnt gonna make much difference but try not to make a habit of it.
  3. Yea i think it would be worth it, i've never tried it, never actually gone looking for it, some weeks some have it, you just got to be there at the right time, you might get some acid then,it's about, just gotta know the right people and that goes for every area, somewhere in your towns and cities someone has got acid and is tripping their balls off,someone has got every type of upper/downer/research chemical around, excellent strains of weed, great hash.

    It's all out there.

    As for taking lsd and worrying health wise, you should be fine as long as you don't pound the stuff everyday like weed and just relax and while your waiting for the period for the acid to hit don't be sitting thinking " oh, when am i going to come up" it will take longer that way, just take the acid,sit around and smoke a few joints and then wham,bam your clean wasted :D

    Have fun if you ever get some acid.

  4. Don't do it alone, it's good to have someone experienced and also, if possible, someone who's sober. That way he or she can calm you down if you start to have a bad trip, though I heard they're pretty rare for your first time.
  5. dont do it alone i did it alone one time ended up runing down the street all night and freesing my ass geting stoped by a cop being completly unable to even know what im doing geting cufd and taking a nice trip to the nut rooms at the hospitol no windows no door hadels just the sheet thing you have on and a camera allways looking at you .......uh ya thats a bad trip neaver ever ever droped acid to this day

    but im not stopping you

    have a place to stay

    and have some one with you

    dont go run around

    dont mind the speeling i dont care about fixing it do to some strong Indica

    good times!
  6. You might want to try some softer stuff before acid, such as shrooms and DXM if you haven't done so already. Take it one step at a time.
  7. I want to try some acid too, but I dont even know where to start looking for it...make Ill just make my own, haha, wish I knew how
  8. i've tried dxm and i didn't like it, i tried it 3 times. Two of the times i drank Robotussin max. cough, and then the other time i ate sucrets... i think when i ate the sucrets it was better. I was actually able to enjoy it somewhat, but i don't like the feeling... and afterwards, after i came down, i got hot flashes, and those fucking suck! haha i guess dxm just isn't for everyone
  9. be careful if your a paranoid person.....
    doesnt take a genious to figure that one out
    ive never done acid but i know that a bad trip can scare the shit out of you and sometimes cause some mental damage..... im no expert but i wouldnt do it
  10. Oh do i love acid, It is really alot of fun. My first time i took one hit and was have so much fun, I was chillin in my crib wit my friend who was sober and i was driving him insane because the way i was acting. And he wanted to smoke so bad to relax but he cant roll so i had to and it took me 45 minutes because i was fucking around and he went crazy. So after we finished smoking he left and i almost cried because i really wanted to have him there i starting begging for him to stay. But he left. But i had a ton of fun anyways i watched that show pyramid and had so much fun i was like talking with them and cracking jokes and had a great time. I also had alot of fun a couple of night ago i took 3 hits and was gone!........ Candyflip is also alot of fun it is where u do acid and extasy at the same time.

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