Is a torch too loud?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by FightingO, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. So I am wondering if using a torch to heat my nail would be too loud. My dad sleeps a few rooms over and don't want him to hear. Wat do you guys think? Is it too loud or should I buy an enail?
  2. Mate, if you can afford an enail, I'd recommend that. The sound of the torch is not that loud, but I can't use one sitting and watching TV because my wife can't hear the tv over the torch. Also there is a burning smell that I don't even notice, but the wife smells it from another part of the house. If your Dad sleeps with one eye open- alert to possible danger in the home he may hear/smell it, but if he sleeps like a baby he may not. I know it's hard to be discrete dabbing with a torch. Good luck, be careful, and enjoy your dabbing.
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  3. Ya I think I will go ahead and buy an enail. I have a few smoke shops down the street for me that sell enails for around $100. All my friends have enails and they are amazing! Happy dabbing mate
  4. if your that worried about being caught maybe you shouldnt be toking in daddys house. go outside and burn one...
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  5. i think your dad would hear an open gas flame even if hes sleeping thats the kind of noise that can wake you up (high pitch hissing, hinting at the house burning down you know)

    i was about to suggest a vape, but thats what an enail is right? i think theres an e-nail kit for the da buddha, its a neat vape looks cleaner than a gas torch at least
  6. Yes it's loud, enail is your best option. I really don't know too many people who still torch tbh, it's just inconvenient now that nails are cheaper.
  7. torch is cool if you got no electricity
  8. Love my e nail. I say go get one.
  9. hey dude my dad and mom sleep 1 room away from mine, i have to turn up the music a little bit when i torch it at night but otherwise its not that loud. i get under my desk with it, i dont know if it helps muffle the sound but i am still doing it.
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  10. if your dad pops just say "its cool dad im just heating potent stuff with an open flame so you know"
  11. Enail is definitely the way to go, easier to dial in your low temp dabs and no noise at all, My girlfriend and I use a torch at her shore house but her grandmother is the only one that lives there and she can't hear all that well. Just keep in mind with an enail, there is usually a trail that can come of the nail of residual from the dab burning off so keep that in mind smell wise

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