is a power supply safe?

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  1. Hey guys, basically i am doing a grow box with some nice size to it about, 18x18x26. cardboard. I have some dc fans and can't find a dc adapter. so i was thinking about using a pc power supply to power the fans. Is this safe? will i burn my place down?
  2. Yes, u should be fine Power supplies are safe but as any electrical equipment, it can generate a lot of heat (depending on wattage, fans and stuff) so put it where there is good air flow and away from any water or any heat sensitive material

    gl on the grow bro
  3. much appreciated. thanks for the luck too.

    And I am off and growing LOL
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    dude you can die steping off a sidewalk get hit by a bus :eek: lol yah should be fine i am stoned could even leave it in the case have your wires go thru a hole in there good air flow and even safer my 2 cents
  5. Cardboard = not a good idea.

    Tape it all up do it does not mold

    power supplys for pc fans are at radio shack. 20 bucks. Looks like a cell phone power supply. Light green box white power supply. And it's switchable.

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