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Is a person's past criminal record analyzed when applying for a medical card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SacrificialGlor, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I'm an asthmatic in California who has entertained the idea of applying for a medical card. However, I have been busted for possession in the past. Would this in any way affect my ability to obtain a medical card, or is the doctor's recommendation all that matters? Thanks.
  2. nope. Doctors don't do criminal background checks before giving out prescriptions. Why would a doctor car about your criminal past, they are doctors not cops.
  3. no.
    The only ones that want to know your criminal past

    is the cops
  4. when applying be sure to specify that your illness is "chronic" and "severe". this is what the docs look for! Its def. worth a try!
  5. Green Life

    in a state that cards are issued by the state, do they do criminal background checks?

  6. Im not to sure, but i bet they do. IF you have criminal history i would think they wouldnt allow you to recieve a license.

  7. No offense to ya bra but this is completely false. No doctors do criminal background checks before they give you a prescription. Doctors are doctors not cops...they don't give a shit about your criminal history, their job is to treat your condition with medicine not interagate you under a heat lamp and ask you were you were on the night of october 17th at 9pm lol.

    Shit most the people i know who got medical cards have marijuana convictions in their past....hence they reason they got a card :) . I dont approve of that type of thing cause i think only people who need it should get it, but thats the honest truth, most the people i know who got a card got one so they would STOP getting arrested.
  8. That would really suck if they did. Then they would start doing things like not prescribing you pain meds when you break your arm because you've been to jail. Thats ridiculous!

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