is a MFLB worth it?

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  1. I have been looking at Magic flight launch boxes lately and have been thinking about ordering one. I have never vaped before, so do you think the high from a vape is better, or worse than a bong/pipe? Does it really not smell? on a 1-10 how high do you normally get when using it? In all do you think its worth it to dish out the 120$ and get one? thanks

  2. Not better or worse. Different.


    Like any other vape.............10, if I want to get to a 10

    It's worth it if you are looking for a very stealthy portable vaporizer.
  3. In my, its not worth it.
  4. Its kinda a mixed review thing. Its not really a social piece. I would only get it if you're planning some solo hits and you need something stealthy.
  5. I wouldn't buy one they look Janky as fuck.

  6. Pretty much. It's fine if there's just 2-3 of you (especially if you get the new power adapter too) but for passing between a large group, not really.
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    So you wouldn't buy one because of how it looks versus how it works? LOL !!!

    To the OP.

    Here is a 439 page thread with 10,955 posts in it and it's JUST about the LaunchBox, and within that thread, there are TONS of VERY satisfied users of this vape, and many of these users also are owners of the Volcano, Silver Surfer, Purple Days and many other of the best vapes on the planet:
  8. I say go for it man if you're looking for a solo piece. It does smell a little bit, but just turn a van on and it's not problem. As for how high it gets you? Two trenches with a MFLB will get you baked. I think it's definitely worth it.
  9. i ordered it 5 min ago from, which has great deals the person working there there through in a bunch of free stuff with it too, just ask them in the chat box. Its expected to arrive saturday morning. thanks for all the replys.

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