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Is a gram 5 bucks?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xsubxwooferx, May 25, 2009.

  1. Im from Tenn/GA border and I found new dealer with low mids and sometimes high mids and sells both 5 bucks a gram...that legit?.and Quarter is 35bucks for 8 grams a gram a blunt?....I was told today that gram is a joint?
  2. haha sorry wrong forums im high
  3. 35bucks for 8 grams is cheap as fuck
  4. just depends on the quality but I would say 35 is legit for a quarter.
  5. i get a quarter for 20-25$
    and the blunts should be say.. 2.5 grams

    and a nick sack should be 2.5-3 grams.. but like they said, depends on quality
  6. blunts can have as much or as little weed as you want. i'd say a gram of decent weed is good for a few people to share. the more people who are going to be smoking it the more weed you should add.

    and those prices are good. you will get tons of different price ranges from different people depending on the area they live and how good the weed they buy is. some people on here are paying 20 bucks for a gram.
  7. A quarter of mids around here is $50-60. :( Although, I don't buy mids so who cares.
  8. I would say thats good.
  9. West Coast Bay Area and up a gram is usually 15-20 (custy) and 5-10 (family)

  10. i pay 20$ a gram for sick headies or cronic.
  11. Its 5 bucks for some shwagg

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