Is a FB message a bad idea?

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  1. There is this girl in my law school I have a crush on and I don't know how to talk to her. Well actually we have mutual friends so 2 weeks ago she talked to me at a bar and was drunk put her arms around me and was really friendly. Then last week we went to another party and I asked if anyone wants a ride with me and she came with me and she was drunk again lol so we just talked a tiny bit.
    anyways we are not really friends and I have her on fb but we never talked before on fb. she also rarely goes on fb. like she is not one of those girl that makes status updates or posts pics of herself everyday on fb. she is also a hard worker in school so she doesn't go out every weekend to party so I never really see her around.
    in class she sits next to her friends and I sit with my friends and we never talk in class.
    but I think she may possible like me somewhat because she was really friendly with me when she was drunk and she seemed to want to come get a ride with me last week.
    anyways what do I do? i was thinking mssging her on fb. I don't have her number. but I thought it'd be awkward if she didn't respond and then it'd be weird talking to her next time I see her out.
    what do you guys think? I don't know if it's even worth trying. in 2 and a half months the semester will be over and she lives in another city than me so I wouldn't even see her.
    not sure what I should do if I should even try anything. 

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    Damn Yummy! It's been like a year since I seen you...and you still on the same shit. Send that bitch a dick pic. 
    Be like. 
    Hey I like you. Do you like me? Let's make out and stuff. 
  3. Next time you see her get her number, then you can call her whenever you like. 
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    Superglue your lips together and then you will have a good excuse for not being able to talk to girls.
  5. Well you clearly didn't take anyone's advice about the party either wise you wouldn't be having a bitch fit now about face book. Maybe ask her brother out
  6. thing is I don't really see her though. I have two classes with her and they are 3 hours each once a week. and you can't really talk to people in class. she doesn't study at school, rarely goes out. 
    how would I even talk to her. just going up to her and asking for her number would be awkward, but fb might be weird cus we are not good friends or anything.
    I think our friends may plan to go snow shoeing or skiing in a week or two possibly but i don't know.
  7. Go up to her. Talk to her. Don't be scared, it's just pussy. if she says no, at least you don't have to worry about it any more. 
  8. i'm super shy. plus I never see her. like i Have class with her once more this week but there are like 80 people in my class and I sit with my friends and she sits across the room with her friends.  we have like a 10 minute break and she chats with her friends, and I'd feel awkward going up to her to try and talk with her friends around her.
    it's not as easy as that. I wish it was.
  9. so is Facebook just a bad idea?  I was thinking of trying to talk to her on fb first. I have only talked to her twice recently at two differrent parties and we were both drinking.  it's harder talking to her in class when we are both sober. I pretty much avoid her. like the other class  she looked at me and I didn't even say hi and went to sit next to my friends.
  10. ñ

    dude. that's the moment. Instead of letting her go with her friends spend the 10 mins with her just talking and making her laugh. That will give you hella points
  11. I'm so confused as to how to can expect to succeed as a lawyer without the ability to speak to a girl in your class... I wouldn't let you represent me to fight a traffic ticket.
    Ready for the pro tip? Just say Hi during the break, ask her how her day is going so far. Don't overthink it bro, she'll be happy to talk about herself, let the conversation flow naturally for that 10 minute break. Then before class resumes grab her number and ask her to go eat stuff with you later to discuss lawyer things.
    "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Gretzky
    There's no arguing with this kind of wisdom.
  13. Ive seen you on here for quite some time, in my honest opinion you might wanna just focus on gettin money...
  14. you want to be a lawyer (a person who talks in front of others), but you cant muster up the courage to talk to a girl in your class???
    God Damn It Yummy. If you become one of those useless ass court appointed bench lawyers I will be so mad at you. 
  16. Yeah man I've seen 2 or 3 of your other threads that were the exact same as this one. If you can't walk up to her and start a conversation, then don't even bother with FB imo. You'd just be embarrassing yourself by getting comfortable behind your computer screen, and then when you guys do meet up to hang out, you're just as awkward as ever. What you need is experience, and FB or any other social media outlet is not going to cut it. The only way to get experience, is to actually experience something.

    I also kind of agree with the guy a couple posts up..If you can't find it within yourself to go and talk to a girl(who's not even a complete stranger) how are you going to be successful as a lawyer? 
  17. Yeah it is....Get told no a few times and you'll get used to it. Rejection don't hurt. Acceptance does. Well not really acceptance..Gonorrhea...But that is from when they say yes....Bitter sweet, but a fact of life dude.
     Hit her up for lunch after class. And don't try to be a friend. Think with your the game. marriage kids and divorce will be easier when you are a lawyer........
    Be fuck all if she's a Prosecutor and he's a Defense attorney huh? Especially if they ever have to square off.
  19. YB take it upon yourself to organize the snow skiing / shoeing trip. That way you can ensure when you go, she is able. You are also kind of the director, since you have the plan. That means you can also work things to your favor with her, such as driving her there (although probably not alone).

    Facebook is a bad idea if she doesn't use it. It's not a terrible thing in itself but even if you do start using it to talk to her (since you usually just do whatever's on your mind despite the advice given to you), don't rely on that. Chat a bit, then say you're heading out and ask for her number. Then you can make another thread asking for help. ;)

    Mobile reppin
  20. Just think of it from her perspective.. Is she gonna want to go out with the scared nervous guy who seemingly shows no interest, or is she gonna go out with the ignorant bollix who doesn't give a shit and walks up to her cock sure and keen. Not rocket science man, cowering behind a computer screen gets no one, no pussy. Sorry to be harsh man but snap out of it, how you gonna bang this chick anyway if ya can't even talk

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