Is a fan neccessary?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toberson, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Is a fan NECESSARY? Also, is that just to make it not smell?

    Im doing a stelth grow, how can i get rid of the smell?
  2. Yes Read my growroom design sticky in my sig down there. V
  3. Thanks man :)
  4. YES!! you need a fan once for when the buds gain weight.

    I thought I was okay with my fan on only a few hours per week. Ive found that with my fatty buds the limbs of my plants are having trouble holding up. I will for sure use more fan next time. I used just enough this past grow that my plants are not breaking, but they are close!

    Use the fan!
  5. You get much healthier plants with more co2. Its not just light that effect yeild. Its root airation, light, and avalible cO2. Without a big enough fan your plants suffocate, and also your grow box heats up. Devil, do you know the temps of your grobox? This may be the reason for your plants being weak.
  6. plants use up some of the CO2 right next to the leaf, creating 'dead air' spots. fans circulate gasses around ur plants, bringing CO2 to ur plants...maybe the limiting factor of growth in ur 'chamber'.

    so is a fan neccessary? no

    but is it effective...YES.

    an example:
    picture no fan as mt hood.
    and yes fan as the valley below.

    where are u gonna do better?

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