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Is a dimebag enough to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. For a beginner? With no tolerance?
  2. Definitely. There is no way I think you won't get high off it.
  3. Totally. It'll probably last you a few highs.
  4. no

    buy an ounce
  5. of course it will get you high, why would anyone buy a dimebag if it wasnt enough to get them high!!??
  6. lol why would dimebags be sold if you couldn't high of it
  7. I would venture out to say yes...
  8. people can make a dime bag last a week if they use small bowls

    tip: for some reason people seem to get higher if the bowl is ground so it burns evenly rather than just a small nug
  9. For a beginner with no tolerance..Even someone blowing a few hits in your face will get u high.
  10. A beginner with no tolerance coulde get high off of just two or three hits, and since a dime bag is probably like 2 or 3 bowls, and each bowl is like 12 hits (maybe?), then yah you can get pretty high off it it. 12/3 = 4, 4*3 = 12. 12 times you can get high under normal circumstances by my calculations :p
  11. Why did you divide 12 by 3???
  12. i've been smoking for a while and i still buy dimes, i prefer to use GB's, they conserve weed and get you way more ripped than a bowl does
  13. defiently i usually smoke a dime with a friend (sometimes 2) and i still get lifted but then again the dimes i get is always white widow

  14. Listen to this man, he speaks the truth.
  15. Oh yeah, since you are a beginner, you will be high with a few hits.
    There are a few hits in a bowl, and a few bowls in a dime.

  16. 12 average hits on a bowl. Takes 3ish hits to get high assuming low tolerence. Multiply by 3 (apx bowls to a dime). Don't blame me for numbers I analized it not put them on paper. Sober at work so the numbers make sence :)
  17. danger danger!!! pothead attempting to do math!!! lol jk man:p
  18. The answer is a resounding yes. as long as you smoke it the right way and inhale , a dime will be more than enough for a few good highs :cool:
  19. #19 Sketchy Newb, Jun 5, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 5, 2009
    Half a dime got me and a friend (we're both pretty heavy smokers) blazed. There was a fat (.3-.4 g roughly) bowl packed that we were going to smoke later, but something came up so I left and let my friend have the whole bowl. It was really dank stuff, though

    If you only smoke until the point where you're high, but not completely blazed, a dime could last you 4 or 5 days if you're a new smoker
  20. I assume that a dime means a short answer=yes

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