is a cool tube or inclosed hood 400watt best for heat reduction

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  1. I just constructed a rubbermaid type outdoor stoarge cabnit, I'm using 220watts of cfl, but i want nicer buds and more light and the cfls are puting out to much heat, i have alot of 26watt ones, ( have one computer fan intake, at the bottom, and a fan hanging inside, but no exhuast fans, just ducting at two spots at the top, 4inch,. But i dont want to use cfls im going digital 400watter

    My question is, would a 400watt cool tube, ( 6inch diameter) with two 6inch inline duct fans be able to keep temps in the 75-80 range,>? Or would a sunsystem type hood with glass and a spot for a 6-8inch duct fan to extract heat be better, ( I'd have each with ducting exiting and one intake for the cooltube, vent it right out a window) They'd both fit, but heat is a magjor problem, ( I can only bring my intake air from inside the room basicaly because its summer time and its next to a window and that draws warm air, winter i'd be set, but my apartment usally isn't that hot maybe 70's. I can keep the door's open or at least one, But id like to be able to keep them closed when i veg, i leave them on 12/12 at night so i can leave them open,
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    Here's my take on the situation. Given that a cool tube is a cylinder in shape, it's definitely gonna have the best airflow with the same fan, vs a sunsystem type hood with glass. On the other hand though, the hood provides much better light coverage, and keeps light from escaping by reflecting all the light downward on your plants.

    If you check out my grow we used two air cooled reflector hoods like you're describing hooked up to a 400cfm duct fan sucking the heat out a window and it definitely kept them just cool enough to touch 24/7, so if you're just doing one light, as long as you suck it straight out of the grow area im sure temps would be fine.

    I would just take those things into consideration and decide if you need the extra light from a full hood or not.

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