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Is a bubbler a good investment for me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheTrillest420, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. What's good everyone? So today is the first day of summer vacation and I need something to smoke out of for the summer. I live in a house with people who don't like weed or at least they don't want it being smoked inside. I had a 10.5" bong with a tree perc and ash catcher before that I could snap bowls through and blow the smoke threw the window with the screen off (I'd use a sploof just to be safe). So that way no smoke got inside, but sadly that bong smashed :( I don't really want to purchase a new bong because I'd rather have something smaller. So I was thinking of getting a small sherlock bubbler like 4 - 6" or anywhere around that, like this: 

    But I've never smoked from a bubbler before and I was wondering if I could snap bowls through on that (small ones of course). I also have bitch lungs haha so would it be smooth because I can't be coughing or I would wake people up. So would a bubbler like that work for me? If not, do you have any other suggestions for me?
    Thanks guys :)
    And for people who think it isn't right that I'm smoking inside where people don't want me to, if you think about it I'm leaning out a window and no smoke is coming inside so really I'm not smoking inside ;)

  2. A bubler is harder to take big hits off of than a bong but it is much smoother than a pipe, sorry I cant answer that question directly.
    as for bublers in general they are great peices imo, they are nice are portable and easy to store. A bubler is the only smoking piece that I own (unless you consider a vape a piece) and I love it, does everything I need convenient relatively smooth and easy to deal with in general.
    As for sherlocks, they aren't my favorite since if the bowl is cherried the smoke can go straight into your face and be annoying, it doesnt happen very often but always makes me mad when it does lol. If your loading snaps though that wouldnt be any issue but I assume there will be a point in time where you dont load a snap lol.
    So I reccomend a Hammer style bubler over a sherlock but thats just my preference. I definately do recommend a bubler for you though.
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    I love bubblers. You shouldn't snap em though as it will clog fast and it's hard to get chunks out. Also it could end up in your mouth EW :laughing: Unless you are talking about just small bowls that's fine but if you're talking about snapping it through the bowl its a bad idea.
  4. I just recently purchased a Spubbler from brotherswithglass. Com best investment I've made in awhile.

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  5. Look up basic bubblers by grav labs. I got the biggest (45mm) with a showerhead perc, smooth as hell.
  6. o ya you'll get use to it and be able to pack bigger bowls, plus its smoother than a pipe and pretty portable

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